Various Garden Loops (OpenMPT / Tracker Music)

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Yingchun Soul M
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Post #1by Yingchun Soul » 9 May 2023, 6:11

Inspired from "Plant in the garden" (花园种花) [also known as "The Little Garden" (小小花园)]

All in the dance style. There're currently 32 type of the loops.

Garden Loops.7z
(889.82 KiB) Downloaded 35 times
Garden Loops 2.7z
(1.11 MiB) Downloaded 31 times
Garden Loops 3.7z
(1.74 MiB) Downloaded 28 times
Garden Loops 4.7z
(1.84 MiB) Downloaded 34 times

Samples from
Karoryfer Big Rusty Drums
VCSL (Piano)
OpenMPT Samples
Yingchun Soul (Basses [excpet Audigy], Organ, Synthes, Pads)

Loop #1 is the bassline.
Loops #2, #3 and #5 are Club Saw.
Loop #4 is the organ.
Loops #6 and #12 are Electric Guitar & 90's House Fusion.
Loop #7 is the 3/4 style dance beat.
Loop #8 is the piano. Two different bass patterns were included.
Loop #9 is the House Techno Style.
Loop #10 is Electric Guitar.
Loop #11 is Ambient Techno Style. 2-bars version included.
Loop #13 is the Slow Techno Style.
Loop #14 is the Techno style.
Loop #15 is Deep Techno Style.
Loop #16 is the Deep House Style.
Loops #17 and #19 are Trance Style.
Loop #18 is Ambient Techno Style.
Loop #20 is Eurodance Style.
Loops #21 - #23 are DJ Candy style patterns.
Loop #24 is Demoscene Style.
Loop #25 is Italo Dance & Childhood hybrid.
Loop #26 is Chiptune & Dance hybrid.
Loops #27-32 are Sewerslvt style.

Licensed on: Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 International
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