Kookie Covboj's Rodeo Adventure EPISODE 4 - Golden Kookie

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Post #1by P4VL0VSKEY » 15 Sep 2020, 22:41

Kookie Covboj is still in Tails' house. It will be 5 days when he is here. Tails decided to teach him some Katana moves.

Tails: Do you see this Katana?
Karol: Of course, what with it?
Tails: You are smart boy. I will teach you some moves. Take it.
Karol: Oh! It's heaaaavy! It's so much heavier than SVD-63!
Tails: Because it's golden. Now show your moves!

Kookie Covboj doing all his best, but he was very tired. Tails saw it.

Tails: Good training boy. Now entertain. You will come with me. I will show you Duke of Wild-west Pagoda - Eri VII.
Karol: Huh, huh... Eri VII?
Tails: Yes. I will give you one of my golden Ceremonial Robes. It will be an important meeting. Now relax.

At the same time Mayor Vitaly still calling and looking for Kookie Covboj. He was calling to all well-known to Kookie Covboj locations leaders, but they didn't saw him.

Vitaly *to himself*: Oh my God! What I did?! I lost my friend's kid! No, no... wait Vitaly... you need to call the Moondust's police. They will search for him!
Julia: Ummm... dad? Are you really talking to yourself? You can't search for him forever!
Vitaly: No, I can't. It's my friend's kid.

Backing to Tails and Kookie Covboj: They suited up Ceremonial Robes. Kookie Covboj loved them. A 12 year old cowboy wants to know who is Eri. They was in Palace's door. Guards let them go. They walked into Eri's room.

Eri: Welcome Tails! Old wanderer! How are you!
Tails: Great! Good to see you! This is my friend. He calls himself Kookie Covboj.
Eri: Kookie Covboj? You didn't think, that he mean Cookie Cowboy?
Tails: I thought, but he said, that it's his slang language.
Eri: Slang language...
Karol: Oh yeah! Kookiez, what I makin' with Vitaly, my friend are very cool!
Eri: Oh! Your language is very... starnge...
Karol: Whaaa? I'm only 12 years old. You don't looking old.
Eri: Yes. Call me Eri. I'm 16 years old. I am Duke of Wild-west Pagoda.
Karol: Did you eat Kookiez, that I made with Tails?
Eri: Yes! They was perfect. Your father have got a talent with cooking.
Karol: My father died. Vitaly is only my friend...
Eri: That's sad. But I want to make you happy. You did it with me, so I can make your wish come true.
Karol: Hmmm... I want Goolden Kookie! It will never end, and refills when it will bitten!
Eri: Oh... okay! Take it from this chest!
Karol: Only?
Eri: Yes, do it.

Vitaly is sad. He feels, that he has failed Artur. He sweared, that he will make his son a great cowboy and young man. Vitaly always wanted to be Karol's friend, but no father. He never beat him. Now Julia running to him with a letter.

Julia: It's to you dad!
Vitaly: Okay, let's see what it is...

From: Eri VII - The Duke of Wild-West Pagoda
To: Vitaly N. - The Mayor of Moondust

Good morning Sir Vitaly,

My name is Eri, I'm writing to you, because I want to say, that all is good with your friend - Karol. He has got food to eat and drinks to drink. Please reply, because my old servant and Master of Katana called Tails will backs with him and give him into your arms.



The Duke of Wild-West Pagoda

Julia: What does it mean?
Vitaly: Karol is alive! He will back to us soon!
Julia: Why did they find him...
Vitaly: You need to be more optimistic my daughter!
Julia: Ugh... Okay... I will go to talk with Mrs. Ekaterina.
Vitaly: Okay, go. I will come to Sheriff Kevin. I have to talk with him.

Karol is having free time now. He ate some sushi with Tails. He heard some riffle shots. He decided to see what it is. He saw Eri shooting from starnge riffle.

Karol: Eri?
Eri: Karol? Huh? Good to see you! I'm training shooting to targets.
Karol: What is your riffle name?
Eri: It's M1 Garand in my special modified version.
Karol: Modified version?
Eri: Yes. It's faster to reload and bullets shot from it had more speed.
Karol: I want to challenge you! I will take my SVD-63! Let's see who had better aiming!
Eri: Is SVD-63 a sniper riffle?
Karol: Yes, why?
Eri: You need to stand over a greater distance if you want to win.
Karol: Am I joke to you?
Eri: No, but I only give you tips. I want us to have equal opportunities.
Karol: Challenge accepted.

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