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R's Adoring Cafe-Gallery

Posted: 18 Sep 2017, 12:08
by PK Esper
alt name: r's adoring galle-cafe

welcome to my gallery! i made this thread because i want to share y'all my (mostly adorable) arts, trash-ish that might be improved music edits thanks to audacity and more. i hope you enjoy them, feel free to give me criticisms (except for shitposts one but you can still, just don't take them too seriously) on these too!

my arts back in 2016
my 2017 arts
shitpost attack!
musics - click their thumbnails for my soundcloud/youtube musics

stay toon for more!

Posted: 19 Sep 2017, 11:54
by PK Esper
excuse me for the double posting I guess. I want to share that here's my logo for my signature for my account. sometimes that this can be used for supporting my art if you enjoy them but yes I will make the different one.

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on a side note, I feel like I should make the same thread as this but in the smbx forum of course but I don't think making the same topic will so I'm up for poll I guess. keep in mind that you can't change your votes so pick wisely!
EDIT 19/8/18: poll ended.