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Posted: 17 Sep 2017, 11:45
by the GaMERDoG
What's new?
  • Added a Candy Box 2-esque NP-N145-JP02RU.
  • I voxelized parts of Lego stuff, so I got to build a voxel art section.
EDIT: Since Mario made a cafe-seum-esque thread thingy, I convert voxel art from .zox into .vox files.

Posted: 24 Oct 2017, 7:33
by the GaMERDoG
Artwork Train mini-announcement #1

TheKidCodee wrote:
smbx GaMERDoG wrote:
TheKidCodee wrote:Can i have A userbar please?
Take this!
Ill use it when i have the chance, but what im using is modified. Either way, thanks.

Turns out Snessy the Duck ignored my post. But that's the first sign of our cooperation!
P.S.: What is SgwySpeedrcr's username in the SMBX forums?

Posted: 3 Jan 2018, 9:46
by the GaMERDoG
What's new?
From the cursors changelog:
  • Added TimeShift crosshairs, Chex Quest cursor and fidget spinner cursors.
  • Removed Herobrine.
From the WMF file recolors changelog:
  • Added teddies, starman, a heart, a toaster and a beach.
  • Among the teddies is the one that was captured by Santa.

Posted: 24 Jan 2018, 7:27
by the GaMERDoG
What's new?
OWOT World userbar
Edited from the PGE Forum Profile userbar, this is ideal for OWOT users that are also a forum member.

Posted: 25 Jan 2018, 14:11
by the GaMERDoG
What's new?
From the general changelog (upd 1.4.2 patch 1):
  • Jumped on the Zandronum modder train, so added a Doom mod section.
  • Added Windows XP sound mod and its dedicated autoexec.cfg that plays the startup sounds.
From the Doom mods changelog:
  • The first release.
  • Includes Windows XP sound mod with its dedicated autoexec.cfg.