[Chiptune Song] Ameneurosis (OpenMPT MPTM)

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Post #1by stgiga » 4 Dec 2022, 6:55

This is a 5:49 original 54 channel MPTM song I wrote. Here is an oscilloscope view of the song which has the module in the description:

phpBB [youtube]

Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiVweTmUjW4

The MPTM can be found here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/347494769296932864/978786675377463356/SndTrapper.mptm

It uses JummBox samples and and FM drum samples. They can be found at http://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts/2338. or at http://stgiga.itch.io/jummboxsoundfont, a place where indie game devs go. My page certainly looks the part.

For anyone in a region where YouTube and Discord are banned, you can grab the MPTM from this post.

This song is designed to be moody and it loops seamlessly according to what I've been told. This song and its source files are all free, and I don't just mean free as in freeware. Could this maybe perhaps be the first open-source song down to instruments? I also made the art in the video's background myself, and used the open-source corrscope by nyanpasu64 to render the video.
Open the MPTM inside the 7z in OpenMPT or something capable of playing its modules.
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