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Elf of H & L
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Elf of H & L
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Post #1by Elf of H & L » 10 Mar 2020, 11:14

This is Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industries Demonstration Zone Soundbank that I'm working.

Synthes (Bank #0)
11: Squares Dream√
16: Ice Chords√
65: DX Sitar√

Chords (Bank #1)
1: Trance House [Major]√
2: Trance Ballad [Major]√
3: Jazz Ballad [7]√
4: MIDI Grand Dream [Minor 7]√
5: MIDI Grand Dream [Major 7]√
6: Dream Wonderland [Maj69]√
7: Galaxy Square [Aug]√
8: Ice [Major 6]√
9: Ballad Ice [Major]√
10: Indian Dance [Minor 7]√
11: Sine Ballad [7]√
13: Galaxy EP Trance [Major 6]√
17: IceBallad [Suspend 4]√
21: Rock Dream [Minor 7]√
22: Rock DX Mix [Minor 7]√
23: Rock Galaxy Dream [Minor 7]√
41: Indian Piano Mix [Major]√
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