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Description: Internal scripting system of SMBX-38A Engine based on the simple VB-like language
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Post #1by Bulletbill510 » 3 Jul 2018, 22:39

I don't know if anyone has done this yet for a SMBX level but I was thinking of doing some kind of script in which an event is activated after collecting a certain amount of coins. These levels I might make will be based off of NSMB2 coin rush where you see how many coins you can collect, but in these levels I might make in the future, the player must collect a certain amount of coins in order for a star or exit to appear to beat the stage. But if there already is something in the editor that does that, then I guess I'll try other ways as well?
Note: I also forgot to mention that I was gonna think of script to make the coin counter go past 100 coins but not earn a 1-up so the player would have to collect a large amount of coins in my coin rush levels.
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Post #2by Lx Xzit » 4 Jul 2018, 0:03

Use this code to increase the amount of coins the player needs to gain an 1-up:

Code: Select all


This variable lets you keep track of your current coins:

Code: Select all


For example if you want a Star appears when the player got 200 coins (let's set the max limit of coins at 500), you should do a code like this:

Code: Select all

sysval(coinsforextralife) = 500
   if sysval(coincount) => 200 then
      call ncreate([parameters goes here])
      exit do
   end if
   call sleep(1)

This script must be triggered through an event. This is only an example but you could do it in other ways (all through scripting)
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