Making a health bar in 38A

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Post #1by Hackplayer7 » 22 Oct 2017, 2:08

I wish to make a Sonic health bar script for my 38A, unfortunately I know nothing in Teascript. Could anyone guide me?

What I want to do is something like this:
There would be a number variable in the top of the screen.
It would increase by 1 every time you collect NPC-152 (Ring) and go back to 0 if the player got hit.
If the player got hit while it showed 0, then it would trigger a death script.

I don't know if I'm doing it right, but it should look like something like this:

name variable: rings

if NPC-152 collected: increase by 1
if Player Hit: decrease to 0 (subtract the variable by itself)
if Player Hit and variable ''rings'' =0: Trigger death
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Post #2by PvP_FINGER » 6 Jun 2018, 16:04

Create variable rings. It must equals starting rings + 15.
Create event add. Enter in the variables in add event, choose rings variable and set it to val(rings)+1.
Create event death. Enter in the others in the death event, set special event to Player.Death.
Now we must create script.

Code: Select all

If char(1).status = 1 and val(rings) > 0 then
   if val(rings) <= 15 then
      val(rings) = 0
      char(1).status = 2
      val(rings) = val(rings)-15 'Rings - 15
      char(1).status = 2
   end if
end if
If char(1).status = 1 and val(rings) <= 0 then
   Call TCreate(death,1)
end if
Call sleep(1)
Goto start

We must enter in Game - Start event, and set Scripts to script what we are created.

Click left mouse button to the NPC-152 and enter in Events-I tab. Set Death event to "add".
And now...

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