Question and help: Moving Projectile in terms of Speed and Angle (cos and sin)

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Post #1by HumanReploidJP » 26 Mar 2020, 18:43

So I've seen the rotating flamethrower since 1.4.1 until it's not included in 1.4.5. That got me thinking if I want to make a projectile that moves at a constant speed and angle.

This is the concept of cos and sin angle and constant speed. I'm waiting for results based.

I've seen the logic about the sin and cos, in terms of degree angle. So technically like the bouncing podoboo, or the projectile that was shot from a magikoopa from SMW.

So, I would need some help for your coding example, if you must. Let me know,and respond to this reply :to_keep_order: . Thank you.
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