SMBX 1.4.6 New Game Standalone - V1.2 (17/04)

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Post #1by Lx Xzit » 17 Apr 2020, 9:27

Hey all!
As you already know, SMBX38A standalone is a bit outdate as it uses almost the same as SMBX 1.3. So I'd like to suggest a massive update of it.

At first, I just wanted to suggest adding blocks that would expand the original tilesets (because there are some tilesets with so few blocks that you can't even work with them, like most of SMB1 tilesets), but as I was searching for graphics, I found some wonderful ones that I thought would be a welcome addition to the game. I chose the graphics very carefully, I picked up only those that I thought would make a significant improvement to the game, and that would make the design process more fun and varied.

But that's not all, I looked into the already existing graphics and made a lot of improvements, not only for blocks but for NPCs and effects as well. I also added the missing sound effects (so hopefully in 1.4.6 we'll have a Bumper with correct sound effects!).

I put some notes in the folders.


-Bumper (High Jump)
-Bumper (Low Jump)
-Buzzy Helmet Wear
-Count-timer (SMW)
-Count-timer End
-Mini Jump
-Mini Blockhit
-Rope-lift (used when the one-way blocks are hit. See below)
-Snake Block
-Spiny Helmet Wear
-Vine Grown

-SMB1 Expanded Overworld
-SMB1 Expanded Snow
-SMB1 Expanded Underground
-SMB1 Expanded Castle
-SMB1 Expanded Underwater (Sand Blocks + Slopes)
-SMB1 New Sizables (Castle, Cave, Underground and Underwater)
-SMB1 Coral Mushrooms (from SMM adapted to 16-bits)
-SMB1 Bridge Block Edges
-SMB1 Pipes (Upside-down and sideway)
-SMB2 Expanded Overworld (+ Desert & Bones)
-SMB2 Misc. Wood and Pillar
-SMB2 Toy Castle (Added Missing Blocks)
-SMB2 Snow Tileset (new)
-SMB2 Expanded Underground
-SMB3 Wood Connectors
-SMB3 Pipeway Connectors
-SMB3 Desert (SMM2 Small Pipes + SMB3 Missing Desert Tileset)
-SMB3 Bonus (Green)
-SMB3 Underwater (Missing Coral tiles + Underwater Mushroom Tiles)
-SMB3 Overworld Mushrooms
-SMB3 One-way Blocks
-SMB3 Sizables (Airship, Athletic and Custom Block)
-SMB3 Platform Clouds
-SMB3 Castle (Missing Spikes, Misc. Fortress Blocks and Upside Down Lava)
-SMB3 Snow Tileset (new)
-SMW Expanded Forest/Wood (SMM2)
-SMW Cloud Tileset (new) + Misc. Athletic Blocks
-SMW Pipes (Red, Yellow and Blue from SMM2)
-SMW Sizables (Rainbow, Yellow Mushroom Platform, Cave, Ghost House and Airship)
-SMW Ghost House Tileset (SMM)
-SMW Castle Tileset Expansion)
-SMW Ice Solid Block (SMM)
-SMW Ice Meltable Block
-SMW Spike Block
-SMW On/Off Switch Blocks (SMM2)

Fixes and improvements from current graphics:


New content:




Download (v1.2):
SMBX 1.4.6 Basegame Standalone (v1.2).zip
(1.31 MiB) Downloaded 426 times

The big majority of graphics were made by Sednaiur and Valtteri. I obtained Sednaiur's graphics from his GFX Expansion packs, while I obtained Valtteri's graphics from his submissions at MFGG. And of course, Nintendo. I can make a detailed sheet containing the credits if necessary.

EDIT (17/04):
V1.1: I forgot to add a really important sound effect: switch-timer-last. It sounds 1 second before P-Switch, P-Stop, Starman and Mega-Mushroom ends, which is very important. I also made fixes in the volume of most sounds effects (some were too loud, other too low) and improved mini-mushroom's ones. Please use the version 1.1 sounds (if downloaded this yesterday).
V1.2: I fixed some minor mistakes at the npc graphics-fixed folder (Blue Switch Goomba, Piranha Plants and Sumo Bro's fire).
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Post #2by Numaki » 3 May 2020, 18:31

May I suggest some more Sound Effects that are missing?
If yes, they are the following:
    Stomp (Higher Pitch, may be used for Frog Mario or as a running stomp)
    NPC Moving on World Map (SMB3)
    Time's running out (SMB1, SMB3, SMW)
    Ludwig's Defeated (SMW)
    "Incorrect" SE (SMB1)
    "Correct" SE (SMB1)
    Firework Whistling/ Alt. Firework SEs (SMB1)
    Stopwatch Ticking (SMB2)
    Alt. Bowser's Fire (SMB1, SMB3)
    Entering Vase (SMB2)
    Exiting Vase (SMB2)
    Stomp Combo SEs (SMW)
    Hammer Bro. Walking on Overworld (SMB3)
    Peach's Dungeon Opening (SMB3)
    Frog Mario Hopping (SMB3)
    Boomerang (SMB3)
    Ice Ball (NSMBW)
    Broozer (NSMBW)
    Homing Bill (NSMBW)
    Foo Inhaling (NSMBW)
    Foo Exhaling (NSMBW)
    Foo Defeated (NSMBW)
    Ground Pound (NSMBW)
    Enemy Ice Ball (NSMBW)
    Mini Mushroom Powerup (NSMBW)
    Mini Mushroom (Walking on Water) (NSMBW)
    Penguin Suit Swimming (NSMBW)
    Shell Sliding (NSMBW, could be used for Blue Shell)
    Mini Ground Pound (NSMBW)
    Penguin Suit Slide (NSMBW)
    Ice Ball Freeze (NSMBW)
There are surely more, but that's all I've found so far (I might add more to the list, if I'm able to fine some more):
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Post #3by Bandit » 3 May 2020, 19:24

I was thinking the same thing, there are aspects like blocks, sounds or backgrounds that are practically the same as version 1.3. Although they may seem like simple details, it takes the fun out of the game. It would be nice if there is an update.

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