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Post #1by Lx Xzit » 15 Sep 2019, 23:12

This property is meant to work with all kind of coins (including Dragon Coins and Star Coins). It would do nothing in non-coin npcs.

scollect stands for "self-collect".
If this value is set 1, the npc will "collect itself" like if the player collected it, but without intervention of it. This would be especially useful for making NPCs interact with coin-like npcs.

The problem with the current methods (and the reason why I'm suggesting this property) is that there is not a good way to simulate this effect. If I use ".alive=0", I have problems with displaying the correct effect (since it shows four effects after the npc died, it would require to store the position where it died, set a delay and show the effects in order, just for a single coin), for the Dragon Coins it would require to keep track of each one once collected, and for the Star Coin it would have to create it's behavior practically from scratch. Nkill doesn't help either, it deletes the NPC ignoring by completely it's "collected" behavior.

That's why I thought it would be appropriate having a property that let's us replicate the collected behavior of a coin easily, like if the player grabbed it.
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