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Description: Have any suggestions or new ideas for SMBX-38A? This is a place for you. Good suggestions may appear in future versions of SMBX-38A.
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Post #1by Yoshi021 » 3 Sep 2019, 0:50

Hello 5438A48A, I would like to show some suggestions for the current editor.

1) A dark mode option. A lot of programs allow a dark mode option that changes the color of the program to darker colors. The reason is that looking at white screens for too long causes strains to the eyes. The current script interface is white with black text and working on a script too long can cause eye damage :( . As someone that loves making scripts I have this problem and would like a dark mode. This can be an option in editor settings. I included some images of another program that has a dark mode. This could affect other menus too! :dance2:
1.png (6.09 KiB) Viewed 3131 times


2) Improvements to the right pane. I find the right pane to be very useful and I believe it can be expanded.
2a) Move the layer and variable menu into the right pane. I think this is more convenient. I have created some prototypes!
5.png (5.21 KiB) Viewed 3131 times

2b) Add a hide option. Once I'm done using the pane I would like to be able to hide it so it doesn't take space. My suggestion is to have a button that will hide the pane. And will show up again when I open a menu.

2c) This is a small suggestion, but it would be nice to switch though the menus by clicking the title (like shown in the image above).
2d) You can adjust the size of each different menu but the size is shared between all menus. It would be nice if it remembers the size of each pane per menu and sets it based on what you last had it.

3) Shortcuts. Having these shortcuts would be nice. Bolded means that it is in not the editor. Outline means a change.
* Object means NPC/Block/BGO/Warp/Liquid object

Left click to pick and drop objects
Right click to deselect open, open transparent menus
Drag Left click for rectangle select
>Shift + Click to dupe an object
>Ctrl + Click to edit an object

Up Move up
Down Move down
Left Move left
Right Move right
Shift Speed Camera
Page Up for section up
Page Down for section down
Esc Stop Testing
Del to delete selection
>SpaceBar to switch between hand and eraser tool (If not hand then switch to hand, otherwise switch to eraser)

>1 Go to Section 1
>2 Go to Section 2
>3 Go to Section 3
>4 Go to Section 4
>9 Go to Section 9 (The first 9 sections are have the most common use and it would be a useful shortcut)

f1 Editor Help
f2 Gameplay Manual
f3 Scripting Help
f5 Test Level 1up
f6 Test Level 2up
f7 Test Battle Game
f8 Reset Game
f11 Show Cursor Position

Ctrl + N to open new file
Ctrl + S to Save
Ctrl + Shift + S to Save As
Ctrl + O to open file
>Ctrl + Shift + O to open most recently opened file
Ctrl + Q to Exit
>Ctrl + W To toggle between level editor and world editor (if in level editor then switch to world editor, if in world editor then switch to level editor)
>Ctrl + C to switch to copy tool
>Ctrl + V to switch to paste tool
Ctrl + R Script Menu
Ctrl + I Variable Menu
Ctrl + L Layer Menu
Ctrl + T Test Menu
Ctrl + D Debugger Menu
Ctrl + E Event Menu
> Ctrl + A Database Menu
>Ctrl + F NPC Menu
>Ctrl + G Block Menu
>Ctrl + H BGO Menu
>Ctrl + J Warp Menu
>Ctrl + K Liquid Menu
>Ctrl + C Level Settings
>Ctrl + Z to undo

4) This is a small convenience suggestion. When you close the menu while editing an object in the database, it closes everything when you are done. It would be nice if it returned you back into the database where you left off.
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Post #2by 3color BombDX » 3 Sep 2019, 2:27

Yoshi021 wrote:Hello 5438A48A, I would like to show some suggestions for the current editor.
I know there's a developer called 5438A38A, but i never heard of someone called 5438A48A
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