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Post #1by Oldinameste » 30 Sep 2018, 13:51

(Actually, this idea is already written by others, but mostly about NPCs.)
In General, my suggestion is to add the ability to add your own blocks, backgrounds, NPCs, Power-Ups and maybe even game characters.
About how he should act (purely my suggestion):
The custom section appears at the end of tabs such as Blocks and Tiles, Backgrounds, NPCs. In which there will be an object editor.
The editor will remind you of the previously appeared "Game object/block/NPC code editor", but it will have several new functions, namely:
"As..." - ability to select the behavior of any of the previously added to the game objects, the selected behavior will repeat the user object.
"Load graphics" - I think the name is clear. In the case of NPCs (and some blocks), you can also add "effects" graphics.
Also needs the ability to add a complete new object with the help of Tea-Scripts (you can also add tea scripts to objects whose AI has already been selected).
In total, you can add 1000 objects of each type.
It is also desirable to make sure that the sets of custom objects can be Packed into a separate file, then quickly add them to other levels.
In combination with Tileset Editor, this function can allow you to do almost SMBX updates, adding new objects (without replacing the old ones).

P.S. it would Also be nice to see Player Editor, which would allow you to edit the functions of the game character without Tea-Scripts, but that's another idea.

P. S. S. Sorry for mistakes in writing, because the translator...
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Post #2by 3color BombDX » 1 Oct 2018, 4:18

A ability of adding Blocks, BGOs, NPCs really could come in handy, good idea :) :) :)
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