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Fixing/Improving default NPCs

Posted: 26 Jun 2018, 1:28
by Lx Xzit
Some of the following suggestions needs an intervention of 5438A38A, others can be fixed with custom configuration. You may be wondering that is some of these problems can be fixed through configuration why I'm suggesting them? well, it's because they're things that go very unnoticed by the creators affects (a lot) the players. Not many people stops to think if a default NPC is correctly configured or not because they assume that it is already. These things has been affecting the gameplay long enough and I think they're important to be fixed. However, some others suggestion are actually custom, I wanted to have everything in one topic.

Now without further to add here's the list:

  • NPC-210 (Rinka):
    • Frames are wrong. They should play in the follow order:
      (Framestyle is similar to the bubble)
    • Make it faster (increase its speed x 1.6)
    • If a fireball touches a Rinka it should explode (happens in SMBX 1.3)

  • NPC-211 (Rinka Block):
    • Like the Rinkas the frames don't follow the proper order. To fix it please follow the same Rinka's frames procedure I suggested.

  • NPC-134, NPC-135 and NPC-137 (All Bombs):
    • Make them explode slower. There's really few time to react when the bombs starts to blink (only 45 frames) so it's most likely bombs will always explode in your hands, which is a bit unfair. I'd suggest make them explode in 100 frames (since it started to blink) instead of 45.

  • NPC-190 (Skull Raft):
    • Make "PlayerBlockTop" option true by default. This may not look important but everytime the skulls are in a middle of a slope it's highlt probably you die because the npcs doesn't act as solid block to the player (also yep, in SMBX 1.3 it acts like a block to the player).

  • NPC-179 (Saw):
    • Change framespeed to 3 (To make it more similar to SMW). Since the sound effect plays actually fast I thought would be a nice detail if the framespeed was faster aswell, so it would feel truly like SMW.
    • If "Don't Move" has been set the saw still will move normally (which breaks some saw-gimmick levels). This shouldn't affect the saw if it's in a line, but if it's not it should stay still.

  • NPC-338 (Foo):
    • Fix effects position: make Foo produce fog from the position of his mount instead the position of his body. Like this:
    • Make the effects small at first but as time goes by they recover their normal size.

  • NPC-246 (Piranha's Plant fireball):
    • Change framespeed to 3 (Just like Player's fireball).

  • NPC-200 (SMB1 Bowser):
    • Make him be unable to be frozen by iceballs.

  • NPC-196 (SMW Star):
    • Change frames to 2. It actually plays only one frame.
    • Change framespeed to 4.

  • NPC-348 (Mini-Goombas):
    • Since Peach can't spin jump there's no way she take them off, the same goes for link. I'd suggest that it the player press "Jump" (or failing that, "Alt-Jump") key(s) quickly can take the minigoombas off. But this only must affect Peach and Link, not the other players.

  • NPC-75, NPC-178, NPC-94, NPC-101, NPC-151, NPC-102 and NPC-107 (People and the SMW Sign):
    • Make them friendly by default. Even if they have a dialogue it won't work until you make them friendly which is sometimes annoying to always care of checking the "Friendly" box.
    • Make them always face to the nearer player (except from the SMW sign of course). If "Don't Move" has been set then they won't going to face to the player but will keep their original facing.

  • NPC-330 (Star Coin):
    • We're not currently able to move it through layers (which is very weird because with other coins we can). Can you please fix it? Sometimes I want to make gimmicks with Star Coins and I need they move around but I always get stuck with it.

  • NPC-351 (Kamek's magic spell):
    • It can be spin-jumped when it shoudn't.

  • NPC-168 (Bully):
    • It gains too few aceleration, making the physics of the npc way too slipperly. I'd suggest increase the aceleration to 0.26 per frame.
    • Define a maximun velocity of 6
    • When the NPC gets a stomp it should make a little jump (bounce) which lets it fall-off the edges. This may seem a tiny problem but it's important, I've seen some broken SMBX 1.3 bosses because of this...

      This is how it should act:
      (It makes a little bounce)
      This is how it acts at the moment:

  • NPC-76, NPC-16 (SMB3 Para-Koopas)
    • Change framespeed to 3.
    • Fix Flying/Hover AIs (I will make a post about it soon)
  • Parachute NPCs:
    There are some wrong interactions with NPCs attached to a chute:
    • They won't die if they touch a saw
    • Yoshi (and baby Yoshi) can shallow them.
    • If an exit was get, the NPCs won't turn into coins as they should.
    • They can't be hit by a shell.
    Or course all these interactions depends of the resistances of the NPC.

  • Bubble NPCs:
    • When a fireball touches the bubble, the fireball should disintegrate itself when hitting the bubble. I mean this:
    • Actually happens this (the fireball continues with its path like if it had not collided with the bubble, gives a strange effect):

Posted: 26 Jun 2018, 1:33
by Eri7
Also there is a bug with the rinkas , when the rinkas get spawned by generator , they go right for a short period of time and then they are able to use their A.I.
Also is it me or are both of the gifs for the Bully the same?

Posted: 26 Jun 2018, 4:06
by Lx Xzit
Eri7 wrote:Also is it me or are both of the gifs for the Bully the same?
Whoops, just fixed it