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1.5 suggestions

Posted: 16 Apr 2018, 1:04
by Spectra
1: more NPCs
(Monty mole, monty rench, thwimp, wiggler,SMB2 Phantom,SMW Super koopa, comming with a cape which i talk about later ect)
Including bosses
(More koopalings, possibly lakithunder (NSMB ver), ect)
2: NPC behavior
You could set the behavior to a specific game
(Say, you could set bowser to act as the SMW one)
3: NPCs in koopa clown cart
You could put enemies in the clown cart
4: More script help
[i suck at scripting...]
5: More events
(There could be more screen effects [I know there's already 2], more auto scroll options [there could be an option to start slow and speed up, the amount of time to do that could be ajusted with a slider] ect)
6:special layers
there are some in the game [that i dont know of], but what if i named the layer "Foregroundwall" and it would act like those fake walls from NSMBW and NSMBU!
a lil' something like this: Image
7: Add custom tilesets without replacing in-game blocks
[pretty self explanitory]
8: new blocks
[i have no gfx... rip]
9: a more user friendly script system, while still keeping the old script system as an option
10: Option to set the game as a game.ini file or exe file without having to do minigames
11: Custom title screen and world map border
12: Option to add smb3 items but have a smw world map
13: More bgs
14: More items (SML Super flower, SMW Super cape, ect)
15: It still accepted lunadll.lua or lunaworld.lua files

more soon

What do you want added to smbx?

Posted: 16 Apr 2018, 1:43
by Toy Bonnie

Posted: 21 Apr 2018, 5:20
by situbuscasmucha
New NPCs

SMB Gray Goomba
SMB Buzzy Beetle: Behaves identically to SMB3 Buzzy Beetle
SMB2 Panser: All four colors
SMB2 Pidgit: Additionally, a standalone flying carpet is added to the NPC list
SMB2 Triclyde
SMB3 Brick Goomba
SMB3 Cannons: Top cannon, bottom cannon, diagonal cannon, quad cannon
SMB3/SMW any one of the remaining Koopalings
SMW Triangle Block
SMW Super Koopa: Both yellow and red
SMW Golden Bowser Statue
MISC Aruroda (From Zelda 2)
MISC Norfair (From Metroid)
MISC Multi Moon (From Super Mario Odyssey)
MISC Dancing Spear Guy: From SMW2:YI
MISC Woozy Guy: From SMW2:YI
MISC Nep-Enut: From SMW2:YI
MISC Cosmic Mario: From Super Mario Galaxy
MISC Plessie: From Super Mario 3D World
MISC Phantom Hand: From New Super Mario Bros.


Sort both music and background by game, leaving none and custom for both in a neutral location
Revert the music to the way it was in 1.3
Add new music and background, especially some for SMW2:YI

Posted: 27 Apr 2018, 9:33
by Stardown
I really like your ideas, situbuscasmucha. :) Are you able to supply SMBX-style graphics for any of them?

Posted: 27 Apr 2018, 17:35
by 1234567890

Posted: 28 Apr 2018, 8:13
by Toad64
Here of my idea i want to added to smbx

New Npc
SMW Bowser fight

New Features
Customs Titlescreen Graphics,Customs World Map Border that switch the custom World Map Border in a certain point and a Custom Save Menu.
Allow to put Shockwave Flash Object file as a cutsence if you enter a level or go to a certain point in the level.

Posted: 28 Apr 2018, 19:44
by situbuscasmucha
Here is my ideas i want to see in SMBX 1.4.5:

Level Editor:
    SMB Lakitu
    SMB Spiny Egg
    SMB2 Porcupo
    SMB2 Green shy guy (New)
    SMB2 Blue and Green Beezos
    SMB3 Brick Goomba
    SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, and SMW Palm trees can be resized
    SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, And SMW Palm Trees
    SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, and SMW enemies copied into big
    SMB3 Blue and Yellow Toad (New-Friendly Character not player)
    Happy Toad, Mario (Friendly Character not player) and Koopa the Quick
    When enemies are set to "Not Move", their frames has stopped, and they don't move
    MISC Jumpshi (From Super Mario Land)
    MISC Tatanga (From Super Mario Land 2)
    SMB3 Blue and Yellow Koopas
    NPCs can be toggled into with red or pink eyes
    Music can be toggled into with one semitone
    A blank custom section in the NPC tab (Like in NSMBX)
    Blue and Green question boxes
    MISC Green and Blue Grunts (From Yoshi's Island, new)
    Can be opened instantly
    SMB1 Chasing Bullet
    SMB2 Chasing Shy Guys, Snifits, Cannon balls, Cobrats, and Beezos
    Templates (Like in Mario Builder)

World Editor:
    All SMB3, and SMW Tilesets
    All SMB3, and SMW Levels, and Scenery
    YI World Map Theme Music
    SMB3, and SMW Desert, Snow, and Dark coloured bushes, palm trees, flowers, and piranha plants
    You can get force to play the level that you're moving to
    Destroy Castles

Posted: 29 Apr 2018, 3:09
by Alvespires
Could you guys *please* stop flooding ideas and suggestions with Bad Ideas? By bad Ideas I mean

A) Things that can be done with regraphs(Especially)
B) Things that can be made with TeaScript
C)Things that already got added(There's a few on this topic and search before asking for it.)

Also, don't ask a lot of things. Hardly only one will get added, Multiple things just take that small chance.

Please, don't take this message as rude, but those topics are annoying and there's a lot of those already on the forum

Posted: 11 May 2018, 8:58
by Stardown
What Alvespires said, but I think that things than be recreated using TeaScript/graphic packs, such as SMB Buzzy Beetle, should be added eventually. (Maybe not right away, though.)

Posted: 11 May 2018, 20:41
by Spectra
Alvespires wrote:B) Things that can be made with TeaScript
I can't do teascript, so i don't know much about what there is in teascript.

Posted: 12 May 2018, 0:57
by Eri7
Bigadre wrote:
Alvespires wrote:B) Things that can be made with TeaScript
I can't do teascript, so i don't know much about what there is in teascript.

Then why don't you start learning it , there are so many new possibilities involving teascript , you dont want to miss out on them , right?

Posted: 12 May 2018, 1:08
by Spectra
Eri7 wrote:Then why don't you start learning it

I can't find many tutorials....

Posted: 12 May 2018, 2:35
by Ariinui
it's basically visual basic
after, the wiki and the scripting help file will help for the rest

Posted: 12 May 2018, 12:05
by Eri7
Bigadre wrote:
Eri7 wrote:Then why don't you start learning it

I can't find many tutorials....
Then you can ask me for help , just join my discord server and we can talk about it.

Modificacion completa de actualizacion

Posted: 3 Feb 2019, 6:14
by Rip Vanish Chuck
Lo que deben hacer para que la gente deje de buscar scripts, ya que hace poco me preguntaron en donde podria encontrar el esqueleto seco lanza huesos, la idea es que ustedes, brinden todos los npcs de mario bros, los power ups, bosses, enemigos, cañones, plataformas y peces, ya que asi el juego seria algo muy completo y agregar nuevos fondos, nuevos comportamientos de npc, el juego adaptado a el idioma, y pues otro world map, pueden tomarsen su tiempo ya que crear todo esto no es muy sencillo, asi el juego evolucionaria a gran escala y nuevos sonidos al matar enemigos y nuevos bloques que vi que faltaron, gracias

Extensiones de NPCs

Posted: 3 Feb 2019, 6:17
by Rip Vanish Chuck
En mi opinión son muy buenas ideas, pero deberían agregar todos los npcs, bosses, power ups, plataformas y cañones que faltan, asi como algunos bloques que faltan, tambien los tipos de peces que faltan, asi como sus respectivos efectos de sonido, y adaptacion del juego al idioma que nos corresponde y el juego evolucionara mucho, gracias :clapping: