Bugs and Minor Changes from 1.4.4

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Post #1by Stardown » 19 Feb 2018, 9:25

So far, I've noticed four things that I'd like to bring to attention in version 1.4.4. (and yes, I have the latest patch.)

(1): In the Tileset Editor, the Legends of Zelda enemy Wosu is incorrectly called Tinsuit. The Tinsuits appeared only in the cartoon, but the Wosus are the ones from the game.
Screenshot (19).png

(2): Also in the Tileset Editor, the Metroid enemy Ripper II is incorrectly called Rocket Ripper.
Screenshot (21).png

(3): The Ripper II is no longer naturally faster than the regular Ripper. Until this is fixed, the Ripper II can, of course, be made faster in the enemy stats.

(4): If a Ripper or Ripper II is moving along the ground, and there is a gap, and a wall on the other side of the gap directly in front of the Ripper, the Ripper will relocate down a pixel or two, and will get stuck between the walls of the gap. (Sorry I don't have a video for this, but if anyone can recreate this scenario, that would be great.)

If anyone can find any more bugs, just post them here.

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