My Suggestions for future SMBX-38A versions

Description: Have any suggestions or new ideas for SMBX-38A? This is a place for you. Good suggestions may appear in future versions of SMBX-38A.
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Topic author, Passerby
Topic author, Passerby
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Post #1by Mari0Guy69 » 28 Nov 2017, 19:30

1- A more user-friendly editor
2- Mario Can Ground Pound [/u]

3- New NPC's
  1. Amazing Flying Hammer Bro
  2. Torpedo Ted
  3. Starman
  4. SMB2 Starman
  5. Super Mario Bros. Special Items and Enemies (Barrels, Lucky Star, Hudson Bee Item, Wing etc.)
  6. Fire Snake
  7. Ptooie
  8. Fire Bros
  9. Trouters
  10. Green, Red and Blue Pansers
  11. Albatoss
  12. Phanto
  13. Autobomb
  14. Charging and Pipe Cobrats
  15. Flurry
  16. Fryguy
  17. Tryclyde
  18. Mask Gate
  19. Snake Blocks
  20. SMW Final Boss Bowser
  21. SMB3 Koopalings
  22. SMW Koopalings
  23. Mechakoopas
  24. Sumo Bro (also, Sumo Bro Lightning and Sumo Bro Fire under the lakitus are throwing lakitus tab)
  25. All Chargin' Chuck Variants
  26. SMM Red Bullet Bill
  27. Rip Van Fish
  28. Boo Block
  29. Dino Torch
  30. Dino Rhino
  31. Rocky Wrench
  32. Monty Mole
  33. Reznor
  34. Jumping Ninji
  35. Dry Bones (throws bones)
  36. Winged Dry Bones
  37. SMM Winged Spiny
  38. Silver P-Switch
  39. Silver Coin
  40. Propeller Block
  41. Rotating Bill Blaster
  42. Big P-Switch
  43. Thwimp
  44. Mega-Thwomp
  45. Super Mario Land Superball Flower
  46. Super Mario Land 2 Bunny Suit
  47. Switch Palace Switches and Blocks
  48. Cape Feather
  49. Cape Koopas
  50. Spring
  51. Sideways Springboard
  52. Boo Circle
  53. Big Shyguy
  54. Big Ninji
  55. Green Snifit
  56. Purple Snifit
  57. Jumping Piranha Plant a.k.a Super Mario World Piranha Plant (Normal, Fireball Shooting, Upside Down, Sideways and Iceball Shooting variants)
  58. Fire Spitting Nipper Plant
  59. Venus Fire Trap (fire Piranha Plant)
  60. Sideways Venus Fire Trap
  61. Venus Ice Trap
  62. Sideways Venus Ice Trap
  63. Sideways Piranha Plant
  64. Sideways Red Piranha Plant
  65. Pipe Lakitu
  66. Pirahnicus Giganticus
  67. Wiggler
  68. Angry Wiggler
  69. Skewer
  70. Fuzzy
  71. Pipe Cannon
  72. Black/Bomb Koopas
  73. Red Ring and Red Coins
  74. SMM High-Heel Kuribo's Shoe Goomba
  75. Big High Heel Kuribo's Shoe Goomba
  76. High-Heel Goomba Shoe
  77. Big High-Heel Goomba Shoe
  78. Kuribo's Shoe Goomba
  79. Lakitu's Shoe Goomba
  80. Podoboo's Shoe Goomba
  81. Big Veggie
  82. Big Pow Block
  83. Squirrel Acorn Powerup

3- New Blocks
  1. Roulette Block
  2. NPC Pass Through Block
  3. P-Switch Toggle Block
4- Make NPC's even more configurable
5- Add more default episodes
6- Add built-in tutorials for new features
the ground pound placeholder for now
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Eri7 M
Eri7 M
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Post #2by Eri7 » 28 Nov 2017, 21:47

Not again... If you are gonna make a topic about suggestion at least include some graphics for NPC's and the ground pound and explain how to make the editor more user friendly.
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Good citizen
Good citizen
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Post #3by Stardown » 30 Nov 2017, 0:02

Good ideas, but keep in mind that not all of your suggestions will be added at once. And please, next time you list suggestions, please don't list so many, and also provide graphics for the ones you do suggest.

Some of these ideas are already in the game:

*Starman (you can change the sprite to turn it into the SMB or SMB2 version)
*Fire Bros
*Sumo Bro
*Dino Torch
*Dino Rhino
*Jumping Ninji
*Winged Dry Bones (just add wings. The SM3DW version, however, is different)
*Propeller Block
*Jumping Piranha Plant (with normal and fire capabilities)
*Fire Piranha Plant (can also be customized as Ice Piranha Plant)
*Sideways Piranha Plant
*Pipe Cannon

Toy Bonnie
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Our friend
Toy Bonnie
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Our friend
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Post #4by Toy Bonnie » 15 Apr 2018, 2:02

I agree with the Wigglers
Not :beta:
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