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Topic author, Citizen
Topic author, Citizen
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Post #1by 1234567890 » 11 Sep 2017, 3:02

    there may be another title of the start of SMBX 1.5
    when Mario is disguised as a fire mario, when an enemy approaches and touches mario remains the same as always mario bigger and other enemy that touches, will be mario small.
    can be the mega mario they want
    Sonic, Yoshi, Kirby, Mega Man, Crash Bandicoot, Wario, Waluigi, Pikachu, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, Kirra, Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Mickey, Minnie and more players are added.
    Enemies for Super Mario Land games and Wario Land Games
    Enemies for Mega Man Games and Mega Man X Games
    Enemies for Kirby Superstar and Dreamcourse
    All Hammer Bros (Fire, Boomerang, Ice, etc)
    Parachute Goombe
    Para Beetle
    Net Koopa
    Micro Goomba
    Brick Goomba
    Torpedo Ted
    Fire Snake
    Sniper Bill
    Parachute Bob-omb
    Net Sparky
    Venus Ink Trap
    Hot Head
    Chain Chomp
    Fire Chomp
    Pokey (SMW)
    Amazin' Flyin' Hammer Bro.
    Jumping Thwomp
    Shoe Lakitu
    Shoe Podoboo
    Cosmic Clone
    Enemies from the Magical Quest series and Mickey Mania
    Cat Bullet Bill
    Cat Banzai Bill
    Magma Cube
    Wither Skeleton
    Killer Rabbit
    Enemies from Bonkers
    Enemies from Epic Mickey
    Enemies from The Lego Movie Videogame
    Enemies from Umihara Kawase
    Enemies from SpongeBob games and Jimmy Neutron Series
    Enemies from Castle of Illusion
    Enemies from Animaniacs
    Enemies from Batman
    Enemies from Undertale
    Enemies from Mickey Mousecapade
    Enemies from Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday
    Enemies from Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage
    Ender Dragon
    Flying Boom Boom
    Pom Pom (Normal and Flying)
    Bowser (SMW)
    Rest of the Koopalings (SMB3 and SMW)
    Bosses from Mega Man games and Mega man x games
    King Dedede
    Meta Knight
    Rudy The Clown
    Bosses from Magical Quest games and Mickey Mania
    Bosses from Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday
    Bosses from Touhou Project games
    Bosses from The Lego Movie Videogame
    Bosses from Epic Mickey games
    Bosses from Castle of Illusion
    Bosses from SpongeBob games and Jimmy Neutron game
    Bosses from Mickey Mousecapade
    Bosses from Animaniacs
    Bosses from Batman
    Bosses from Umihara Kawase
    Bosses from Undertale
    Mickey Coin
    Replaced NSMB Theme with NSMB2 Soundtrack (Level)
    Kirby Super Star Soundtrack (Level)
    Replaced SMB3 Rock Remix with NSMBWii World Musics (World)
    MK7 Rainbow Road (Level)
    Yoshi's Island Map (World)
    Yoshi's Island Soundtrack (Level)
    SM64 Slider (Level)
    NSMBU Staff Roll (Credits)
    Soundtracks from the Magical Quest games and Mickey Mania
    Umihara Kawase level soundtracks
    Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage level soundtracks
    Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday level soundtracks
    Bonkers Soundtrack (Level)
    There will be more backgrounds from many Mario games.
    Same with backgrounds, but, more scenery.
    Now you can decide whether it's water, quicksand, or anti-gravity!
    Happy Toad (Still and Jumping)
    Koopa the Quick
    Mickey Mouse
    Minnie Mouse
    Donald Duck
    The Wizard
    Any Mickey Mouse costumes for Mickey Mania
    Gold Ring
    Question Coin
    Red Ring
    Beat Block
    Gold Block
    Snake Block
    Rainbow Note
    Platform Block
    Assist Block
    Warp Box
    ? Switch
    1-up Ice Cream
    Crate (Super Mario 3D Land)
    Crate (Reflection/Divergent Shift)
    Giant Tomato
    Falling Leaf
    Mickey Block
    Giant Mickey Block
    All Potions
    All Splash Potions
    Wooden Shovel
    Wooden Axe
    Wooden Hoe
    Wooden Pickaxe
    Wooden Sword
    Stone Shovel
    Stone Axe
    Stone Hoe
    Stone Pickaxe
    Stone Sword
    Iron Shovel
    Iron Axe
    Iron Hoe
    Iron Pickaxe
    Iron Sword
    Gold Shovel
    Gold Axe
    Gold Hoe
    Gold Pickaxe
    Gold Sword
    Diamond Shovel
    Diamond Axe
    Diamond Hoe
    Diamond Pickaxe
    Diamond Sword
    Temmie Flakes
    Sorcerer Outfit
    Firefighter Outfit
    Mountain-Climbing Outfit
    Starman (Invincibillity Candy)
    Gold Flower
    Boomerang Flower
    Mini Mushroom
    Mega Mushroom
    Superball Flower
    Super Acorn
    Frog Suit
    Super Carrot
    Invincibility Leaf
    Propeller Mushroom
    Penguin Suit
    Spring Mushroom
    Blue Shell
    Drill Shoe
    Propelling Billy Gun
    Chance Cube
    Cat Bell
    Double Cherry
    Whomp Mushroom
    Fallen Star
    Leather Boots
    Leather Pants
    Leather Tunic
    Leather Cap
    Chain Boots
    Chain Leggings
    Chain Chestplate
    Chain Helmet
    Iron Boots
    Iron Leggings
    Iron Chestplate
    Iron Helmet
    Gold Boots
    Gold Leggings
    Gold Chestplate
    Gold Helmet
    Diamond Boots
    Diamond Leggins
    Diamond Chestplate
    Diamond Helmet
    Mirror Symbol
    Pete Door
    Relfection Mechanic
    Shadow Mechanic
    Any character new or old can mount any rideable thing.
    Toad can't throw boomerangs wearing the Hammer Suit.
    Yoshi can ride boots.
    Any character can do tricks.
    Yoshi can flutterkick.
    Luigi retains his scuttling from SMB: The Lost Levels and New Super Luigi U.
    The World Map contains an inventory.
    Players can also place minigames inside a level icon.
    Cheat Codes can let you save again.
    Sounds are also replaceable in your episode file.
    The ability to add custom world music is granted!
    You can hear the characters talk.
    Global events!
    Events and layers for the world map!
    Race Mode has been added.
    Any episode can have more than one world!
    The General Store has been added
    The credits has a secret miniga
      The General Store has been added
      Powerup Crane: A minigame where you pick up powerups.
      1UP Bonzana: A minigame where you catch 1UP Mushrooms and 3UP Moons.
      Super Mario Bros. Micro: A minigame where you have to complete 4 worlds and defeat Bowser. (You can find it in the credits by clicking the star!)
      Enemy Courses
      Time Trial: You touch the clock at the beggining, and the timer starts! Depending on your time, you get a bronze, silver, or gold medal!
      Trap Tower: Like Marisa and Alices Trap Tower, you have to get Mario and Luigi to the top of the tower.
      Bonus Cards: Works very similar to the Bonus Game in Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey and Donald. Pick a card, and depending on the picture, you'll get different rewards!
      Block Party: Like the Party game in Magical Quest 3, you have to destroy as many blocks as you can before the time runs out!
      Mario can't See!: Works the same as Mario and you can find by clicking the star.
      tastyfirestorm = Puts a Fire Bro. in your hands
      downunder = Puts a Boomerang Bro. in your hands
      chillywilly = Puts an Ice Bro. in your hands
      flybefree = Puts an Ostro in your hands
      wariotime = Now turns you into Wario
      waluigitime = Turns you into Waluigi
      littlepinkpuffball = Turns you into Kirby
      iammegaman = Turns you into Mega Man
      reflectionon = Turns you into Kirra
      midastouch = Formerly wariotime, still turns all enemies onscreen into coins
      oldfriendsgoldfriends = Gets you under the effect of the Gold Flower
      epicwin = Destroys all bosses onscreen
      getalife = Gives you an instant 1UP
      redigitiscool = Now replaced with iliekmeowflash, lets you edit the level!
      helpme = Summons an Assist Block
      likeaboss = Removes all Enemy Courses
      iwanttobelikewario = The General Store items are all free and never sold out
      nohammer=1 = No hammers can kill the NPC
      nobomb=1 = No bombs can kill the NPC
      noshell=1 = No shell can kill the NPC
      nospin=1 = No spinjumping can kill the NPC
      nosword=1 = No sword can stab the NPC
      nopodoboo=1 = No fireball made by Yoshi or the Flamethrower can burn the NPC
      nostatue=1 = No Tanooki Statue can squish the NPC
      nomagic=1 = No magic from the Sorcerer Outfit can kill the NPC
      nowater=1 = No water from the Firefighter Outfit can kill the NPC
      notail=1 = No tail can knock down the NPC
      noshoe=1 = No shoe can squish the NPC
      noball=1 = No superball can kill the NPC
      nodrill=1 = No drill attack can kill the NPC
      noboomerang=1 = No boomerang can kill the NPC
      friendly=1 = The NPC is friendly
      health=# = How much health the NPC has (0 doesn't count)

Good citizen
Good citizen
Good citizen
Good citizen
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Post #2by CodeX » 11 Sep 2017, 3:12

In reaction to your wishlist all i can say is "Umm........"

Yoshi021 M
Yoshi021 M
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Post #3by Yoshi021 » 11 Sep 2017, 3:49

Please stop making more wish lists topics. Your list is excessive and pretty much impossible.
"Going to University is FUN!" :pardon:

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Our friend
Our friend
Our friend
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Post #4by Stardown » 12 Sep 2017, 20:45

Oh, not this guy again... :facepalm:

FYI, we already have the Mega Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, and Blue Shell in the game. We don't need more playables right now. Though I do agree that we should have a Snake Block, though not for this update. For now, it can be scripted into the game.

Our friend
Our friend
Our friend
Our friend
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Post #5by Stardown » 15 Sep 2017, 11:24

As for the real SMBX 1.5, it could include at least one new character, more elements for SMW (such as the saw and rope that move on the tracks), curved tracks, and a few new enemies.

Prosto polzovatel
Prosto polzovatel
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Post #6by Prosto polzovatel » 2 Mar 2018, 13:24

Part of from the list of there are already. And how do you represent enemies minecraft, LEGO games, Undertail in 2d? And where did the Ink plants come from? Herobrine is all a myth... about spongebob pixel platformers just do not.

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