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Description: Have any suggestions or new ideas for SMBX-38A? This is a place for you. Good suggestions may appear in future versions of SMBX-38A.
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Post #1by 1234567890 » 3 Sep 2017, 22:44

Level Editor:
    All SMB1, TLL, SMB2, SMB3, And SMW Blocks, Backgrounds, BGO's, NPCs and Music
    Disney Afternoon And Yoshi's Island Section in NPC Tab and All Gummi Bears, DuckTales, Chip'n Dale, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop, Bonkers, Aladdin, Gargoyles and Timon And Pumba Games Blocks, Backgrounds, BGO's, NPC's And Music
    Blocks, Backgrounds, BGOs, and NPCs can be toggle into SMB3 and SMW Recolored
    Music can be toggled into SMW Styled
    All YI and Disney Afternoon Games Enemies copied with a propeller on top.
    YI Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink Shy, Running, Fly Woozy, and Spear guys
    SMB3 Recolored YI Red Shy Guy (Player)
    SMB3 Recolored YI Blue Shy Guy (Player)
    SMB3 Recolored YI Green Shy Guy (Player)
    SMB3 Recolored YI Yellow Shy Guy (Player)
    SMB3 Recolored YI Pink Shy Guy (Player)
    Each player gets a turn of playing a level, especially in a world map
    SMB3 Dungeon Fake Brick
    SMB3 Green Poisonous Fake Brick
    SMB1 and SMB3 Ice brother
    SMB1 Boomerang brother, and fire brother
    SMW Brown Koopa
    SMW Red Galooma
    You can make enemies run faster
    You can make enemies get in through pipes
    More Custom SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, SMW Blocks, Backgrounds, BGOs, and NPCs
    SMB2 a Green shy guy
    SMB2 Blue and Green Beezos
    New NPC Codes
    Block Codes
    Background Object Codes
    Blocks, Backgrounds, BGOs, and NPCs can be toggled into night version
    Blocks, Backgrounds, BGOs, NPCs, Music, and sound effects can be toggled into NES Version
    SMB1 Ice Flower
    SMB3 Poison Mushroom
    A Lava Mushroom
    All SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, and SMW sound effects
    Wide Question Boxes, and wide hitten question boxes
    SMB2 question box
    If you replace a level, it won't be replaced, unless you want to
    SMB3 Blue Toad (Player)
    SMB3 Yellow Toad (Player)
    More Players
    More Games in NPC tabs
    When enemies are set to "Not Move", their frames has stopped, and they don't move
    SMB3 Blue and Yellow Koopas
    NPCs can be toggled into with red or pink eyes
    Music can be toggled into with one semitone
    A blank custom section in the NPC tab
    Blue question boxes
    Green question boxes
    YI Green and Blue Grunts
    Can be opened instantly
    SMB3 Mario
    SMB1 Chasing Bullet
    SMB2 Chasing Shy Guys, Snifits, Cannon balls, Cobrats, and Beezos
    You can make enemies chase you
    SMB1 Palm Trees
    SMW Palm Trees
    SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, and SMW Palm trees can be resized
    SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, and SMW enemies copied into big
    SMB1, SMB3, and SMW red water
    SMB3 Custom Bushes
    SMB1 Trees can be resized
    All NPCs sort into its own category
    YI Bandits that act like SMW Chucks

World Map Editor
    Layers and Events
    SMB3 Battles
    All SMB3, and SMW Tilesets
    All SMB3, and SMW Levels, and Scenery
    YI World Music
    SMB3, and SMW Desert, Snow, and Dark coloured bushes, palm trees, flowers, and piranha plants
    You can get force to play the level that you're moving to
    Destroyed Castles

Game Play:
    3, 4, and 5 player game
    Super Mario Bros.
    Super Mario Bros. 2
    Super Mario Bros. 3
    Super Mario World
    Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island
    Gummi Bears
    Duck Tales
    Chip n' Dale
    Tale Spin
    Darkwing Duck
    Goof Troop
    Lion King: Timon and Pumba Jungle Games
    All Wii VC Games, including Donkey Kong Country

Console versions Options:
    ATARI 2600
    ATARI Jaguar
    Neo Geo
    SEGA 32X
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Our friend
Our friend
Our friend
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Post #2by Stardown » 6 Sep 2017, 2:27

Eventually all blocks will be added. And, as Yoshi021 has stated, we're not getting new playables for 1.4.5. I can't see us playing as SMW2:YI Shy Guys, however. You would need a massive keyboard to play with up to 5 players, which is why I think there should be an online mode. And what do you mean by "Fake Bricks"? I can't see games like The Jungle Book, Crash Bandicoot, Goof Troop, or any of those other games making it into SMBX. On the bright side, you do have interesting taste with your ideas. Some of them might make it in.

Oh, and you can already make enemies move faster.

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Coolio__ F
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Post #3by Coolio__ » 15 Sep 2017, 18:17

Technically you could play with up to five players if you have some joysticks that work with the OS you are using
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