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SMBX 1.4.5 ideas

Posted: 19 Jul 2017, 2:20
by Lx Xzit
P.S: If 5438A38A is reading this, can you please check your private messages?

1- Be able to see a specific frame with the NPC editor GUI
I wish there was a function that let me see a specific frame without have to play at all once or open the graphic with an image editor. For example, something like "show frame: 1", "show frame: 2" and so on. This function would not affect the npc itself, it would only used in the editor.

2- An option to edit player's hitboxes. I know there's a function of tea-script that let us doing that, however, this function must be used always in a loop, what's the problem? when the player gets another statement with different size (for example, Super Mario gets hurt and become Small Mario) the player's position will bug a bit. I think this is because the player's position is already defined and can't be changed. So for avoiding this, I think would be better changing the size of the hitbox through a tool instead scripts.

3- Add more NPCs in the game. I know, this suggestion may sound a bit silly and repetitive, but I think the reason why 5438A38A don't want to add more NPCs is because they can be easily done with tea-script, and I understand that. Updates are focused on more important things, that's right. However, many people have been saying they would love to see more NPCs in the editor by default, even if they are simple ones (like the mounty moles), it's much better have a npc by default instead have to make it/download it.

I'd like see some missing NPCs from SMW and SMB3 games, like these:
-Mounty Mole
-Chargin' Chucks (all variations)
-Triangular Blocks
(I think these are the most revelant ones)

4- These letters are kinda hard to see due the colors. Instead use these "rainbow letters", I think would be better using some SMB3-styled letters. They have a black outline and white filled, so they can be always visible without matter background's colors (I think this is the purpose of the rainbow letters, isn't it?)

5- Add a "custom" buttons in the tilesets for custom tilesets. By this I mean that when you build a custom tileset using "Tileset Editor" tool, instead have replace the current tileset (Default group) for a custom one, it would be better avoid this step and make the custom tilesets appear in the "custom" section directly. There could be a "custom" buttom in every kind of tileset (a "custom" buttom in 'Blocks and Tiles', a "custom" buttom in 'Backgrounds', and a "custom" buttom in 'NPCs'. Another change I'd suggest is limit the name of the files, making them only workable when they have a specific name (example: "blockandtiles.tgc" for 'Blocks and Tiles', "backgrounds.tgc" for 'Backgrounds' and "npcs.tgc" for 'NPCs'), different names for the files ".tgc" would be ignored. With this it would avoid duplicated files and mistakes. This also would help to avoid ask permissions and avoid having to configure tilesets manually, they would be like a custom graphics, loaded when the level is loading.

6- Zoom (+) and Zoom (-). I don't remember if I suggested this before, if I did sorry for that. It would be cool if the game has "zoom+" and "zoom-" functions. Zoom+ function would be very useful if you need to put carefuly and object (with auto-aling function disabled or course), meanwhile zoom- functions would be useful when making big sections and you need to fill some areas in the section.

7- "Forced Walking SMW" function for world map. There's already a function to force the player walk in certain area, but it only works in rect line, so the player will stop walking when he have to turn to the side. This function could be renamed "Forced Walking SMB3" to make it clearer it works only on rect paths (like in SMB3). I am suggesting a new function, "Forced Walking SMW". It's used to force the player walk in certain area but turning to the sides automatically, like in SMW. But, how it would work?

I thought, to make it easy to use and not so confusing, it would work like the self-connect tiles. Here's an example:
Similar to the auto-tileset tool but with areas, connecting themselves to build a path, making the route you want the player keep walking. Bigger sizes to the area should not be allowed, only 32x32 pixels area to avoid bugs.

8- Let the player test maps in the level editor. It would be very convenient if you can test maps without have to close the game, open it again, search your episode and play it. How this would work? exactly like if you were playing your episode in "Start Game", but with the exception you can't access to the level. If you are able to access to the level then a sign would appear indicating everything is right, if not, then another sign. This would be very useful to comprobe if the routes, events, start point and everything else is right easier.

9- This is a silly suggestion but I thought would be nice to see. These two paths are used for climbling, then I thought they should act different to the other paths. How? Forcing the player to play always these frames would feel like if the player was really climbing:

It would look like this:

10- "Speed area" in the world map. It would be cool to have a special area that changes the velocity to the player, going faster or slower.

11- Customizable board. It would be great if we could customize this board:
Instead of having it in the hardcoded graphics, what about moving it to a folder to let us customize it? it would be greatly appreciated!

12- Customizable framespeed for Tiles, Levels and Sceneries in world map (and if possible, customizable framespeed for effect-82). Actually we can't change their framespeed.

13- Add more frames to the players. For example, let us make 6 frames when mario is running instead use 3, let us choose an individual frame for each action (for example, a frame when mario is running is the same that when he's jumping, it would be more convenient if we can define a new frame for jumping and another for running, specially with Link which has very few frames).

14- I know this suggestion is a bit silly but, it would be appreciated if "custom" option was at the beggining of the music's list instead being in the mid. Sometimes you want play the custom music again (because you've disabled it), and you have to search through all the list to find it. Being a so used option would be better find it at begining of the list, below from "None", like this:

NOTE: Sorry if I posted some ideas twice, it's not my intention insist, it's just I type a lot of things and I can't remember them all

Posted: 19 Jul 2017, 14:19
by Pilzinsel64
I already made a post for zoom+/- wich should be triggered by Liquids:

Posted: 22 Jul 2017, 5:24
by Baster
These suggestions are very good and that would convenient to add them to have a comfort when editing :) ,
I think they should add more mechanics to the game, in what I think as a suggestion is to add one to the characters as well as a ground pound.
besides it would also be good that you can edit in advance some NPC, for example: some NPC when colliding execute an effect , like freezing oh a POW effect or you can add a few animation frames when NPC generates NPC with the holdgenerator

Posted: 24 Jul 2017, 5:32
by Shadowblitz16
I love this idea especially the more player frames

I think npcs should be redone however as they do not act anything like how they do in their respective games

Posted: 22 Aug 2017, 19:31
by WellyGames
This ideas is perfect Lx Xzit.

Posted: 22 Aug 2017, 21:04
by Eri7
I like these ideas , they will help us a lot.

Posted: 24 Aug 2017, 4:17
by Yoshi021
I would like to add to suggestion 4. There should be an option to hide that text. The tips are nice, but after a while, it is annoying to have them on-screen.

Posted: 15 Sep 2017, 18:25
by Coolio__
I don't even know how to use the Tileset Editor, but that idea is nice.

Posted: 24 Nov 2017, 9:21
by SoldierKoopa0
And I need player codes too. :SOS:

Posted: 25 Jan 2018, 18:46
by Paper mario bros x
Amazing ideas