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Walking on Worldmap like in SMW

Posted: 3 Apr 2017, 20:09
by LohseTimAdvanced
My Idea is it, that a speciel event for worldmap could used, that the player walks on the ways automatically like in SMW.
It would be so cool, if i can find that feature in SMBX 1.4.5 :) :gamer:
like this

Posted: 3 Apr 2017, 20:15
by Koopsakimoto
Isn't that what forced walking is?

Posted: 3 Apr 2017, 21:44
by Eri7
Koopsakimoto wrote:Isn't that what forced walking is?
Yeah , maybe , i haven't tried this option. Someone needs to try it out if its like the one in SMW.

Posted: 8 Apr 2017, 4:30
by Koopsakimoto
Okay so I tried Forced Walking. and yep, It works exactly like SMW. hope this answers your question

Posted: 18 Jul 2017, 19:35
by Turret 3471
looking at the image provided, that brings to mind my own question... could we possibly get an extended path set for 1.4.5, so we can have all the special curves and turns SMW had? I've wanted that for so long.