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Suggestion to improve SMBX and make it more modern as NSMB Ds to NSMBU

Posted: 24 Feb 2017, 18:45
by SmokeyTheBandicoot
Currently SMBX is perfect to reproduce levels in SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, SMW and other games' style, but it lacks some important things for the NSMB series, so there are my suggestions to improve SMBX and make it more like NSMB:

1) Rotating function for scripts.
The script function LSpin(layername, x, y, angular speed) is a great way to movimentate your levels making them funnier and more challenging, but it is very limited because it "spins" objects and doesn't rotate them and their sprites. Rotating function I think should be something like
Call LRotate( layername, x-center, y-center, angular speed). This would make possible innumerable things, such as:
- Rolling hills (NSMBW 1-1)
- Rotating platforms (NSMBW, example:
- Rotating ? Spike blocks (Standard ? block with spikes on a side, which rotate after certain time)
- Rotating Pipes (NSMBW 1-1), warps, backgrounds and blocks (NSMBU)

2) Multiplayer-oriented game
Not asking to bring back online mode, since I know it requires huge amount of code to do, but some nice additions for offline 2-player game would be cool, such as:
- The possibility to choose 2 power ups from a single ? block, one for player-1 and one for player-2, so with yoshis, propeller blocks, etc. Those would pop out violently instead of appearing gradually.
- More interaction between players in NSMB style (player-1 yoshi can for example eat player-2 in order to protect, help or throw him down a hole)

3) A NSMB section for blocks, NPCs and backgrounds (Can provide some sprites I'm working on, if necessary), and music which would speed-up the developement of NSMB-styled levels. (I know this can be done with the new tileset editor + autotile editor, but we will still need to use custom GFX and graphic replacement)

4) Advanced NPC creation from scripts. Don't know if this will be hard to implement, but it is a really cool idea: The possibility to create NPCs which belong to a layer, activate an event, trigger some scripts, etc.. all from scripts. Right now there is no way (or at least none I know about) to spawn an NPC from script that belongs to a certain layer, so that once it spawns it immediately follows the movement of the layer. This would make possible:
-Creation from script of rotating NPCs: from scripts you could call NCreate() and the created NPC would belong for example to a layer named "spinningLayer1", which is moved by script with LSpin(). Once spawned the NPC (for example: a coin), it would start spinning.

5) The Ground Pound (since NSMB Ds), Mid-Air flip (since NSMBW) and the Generation of a coin when an NPC is killed with a fireball abilities, regulated by special events just like Wall-Jump and SMB3 PowerUp System. This would be immensely improved by adding the possibility of choosing multiple special events for the same event.

6) Diagonal Cannon pipes

7) Alternate ending flag pole (another type of exit for the world map) (since NSMB Ds)

8) Some blank NPCs to edit new NPCs with Tea-Script instead of replacing existing ones

9) Falling velocity reduction when the player is about to wall jump and is touching a wall. This is just a minor improvement, but it can really improve gameplay experience and feeling by a lot

10) The possibility to hit more block with one jump. For example, is the player is midway between two " ? " blocks it would hit them both, instead of only one. Maybe this one should be another special event-controlled ability.

11) The ability to set block on another layer, so to hide NPCs and other objects behind them. I'm referring to this feature introduced in NSMBW.

12) Ability to flip, rotate and mirror background and blocks' bitmaps (if I have a background that is an arrow pointing right, this tool would transform it making it pointing left instead, without the use of custom GFX and the GFX expansion).

13) Advanced Setting for Yoshi to be able to:
-Eat and spit out players and objects
-Flutter jump --> This feature
-Choosing a power up that would pop-out from yoshi's butt int he form of an egg after eating 8 (or any configurable number) of fruits/enemies

Those, by me, are suggestions that would make SMBX-38A even more enjoyable and fun that it is right now (and it is already a lot!) I know that those features would require tens if not hundreds of hours to code, and that's why those are just suggestions, that's why propably they won't come out all in the next version and more important, that's why I'm willing to help you @5438A38A in any way I can (sprites, resources, ideas and last but not least, coding (discrete VB.NET programmer, never touched something as big as SMBX)).

Posted: 24 Feb 2017, 20:28
by Eri7
this is very interesting!

Posted: 18 Jul 2017, 19:52
by Turret 3471
These would be the dream additions to 1.4! =D

Posted: 28 Jul 2017, 4:21
by EXEcutor-The-Bat
I've had a similar idea to this, but mainly just graphics being in the SMA4 style.

Posted: 28 Jul 2017, 18:18
by Bandit
EXEcutor wrote:I've had a similar idea to this, but mainly just graphics being in the SMA4 style.
That should not be a problem. If all new smw npcs have sma2 graphics, why not add sma4.

Posted: 28 Jul 2017, 20:08
by EXEcutor-The-Bat
Bandit wrote:
EXEcutor wrote:I've had a similar idea to this, but mainly just graphics being in the SMA4 style.
That should not be a problem. If all new smw npcs have sma2 graphics, why not add sma4.
I also planned on taking advantage of the expanded GFX feature, since I was gonna replace the graphics over the default ones. (They're still gonna be the same size, though.)

Posted: 23 Dec 2018, 4:37
by TheAdventurer64
You know HugoMDM mad a script for rolling hills, right?

Posted: 17 Jun 2019, 20:11
by Dry Bones
Doesn't sound too bad… although the Flutter Jump already exists (in the shape of a script): Sysval(yoshiflyable) = 1