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Description: Have any suggestions or new ideas for SMBX-38A? This is a place for you. Good suggestions may appear in future versions of SMBX-38A.
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Post #1by Lx Xzit » 5 Feb 2017, 1:08

Many people has been posting their suggestions for future versions of SMBX 1.4, but unfortunely some of these suggestions can be achieved easily or may break some things for other users. That's why I'm posting this guideliness, to let you know how you should make a proper suggestion. There are three rules that 5438A38A approves, please have them keep in mind if you want make a suggestion:

"If you want your suggestions to be accepted and implemented soon, they should be:

1.) Unable to be achieved easily using existing methods.
2.) Supplied with all resource files (like graphics).
3.) Not repeated and compatible with other existing features."

These three rules can be found in a "daily tip", written by 5438A38A.
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