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Description: Have any suggestions or new ideas for SMBX-38A? This is a place for you. Good suggestions may appear in future versions of SMBX-38A.
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Post #1by Bigadre » 16 Apr 2018, 1:04

1: more enemies
(Monty mole, monty rench, thwimp, wiggler ect)
Including bosses
(More koopalings, possibly lakithunder (NSMB ver), ect)
2: Enemy behavior
You could set the behavior to a specific game
(Say, you could set bowser to act as the SMW one)
3: Enemies in koopa clown cart
You could put enemies in the clown cart
4: More script help
[i suck at scripting...]
5: More events
(There could be more screen effects [I know there's already 2], more auto scroll options [there could be an option to start slow and speed up, the amount of time to do that could be ajusted with a slider] ect)
6:special layers
there are some in the game [that i dont know of], but what if i named the layer "Foregroundwall" and it would act like those fake walls from NSMBW and NSMBU!
a lil' something like this: Image
7: Add custom tilesets without replacing in-game blocks
[pretty self explanitory]

more soon

What do you want added to smbx?
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Post #2by Toy Bonnie » 16 Apr 2018, 1:43

Not :beta:
:windows: :bomb: :windows: :bomb: :windows: :bomb: :fox:

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