[1.4.2 bug report] Yoshi gets wings from...nothing?

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Post #1by 4matsy » 3 May 2016, 11:46

Get a blue or black Yoshi, turn on god mode, and stand near a generator that drops an endless supply of a non-shelled (in other words, doesn't count as fire/stomp/flight power) enemy that has "Don't Move" set. Position Yoshi's head right on top of the enemy, wait until the framerate drops a lot, then when it's near single digits, start hammering the run button as fast as the game can accept input. If you got the timing right, you might catch a glimpse of wings appearing on Yoshi's back for a frame or two; the trick is to stop pressing the run button when you see the wings, and you'll have them as long as the enemy is in Yoshi's mouth...or at least it appears to be. Spitting out the enemy will reveal that there was actually nothing inside Yoshi's mouth all along. >_>;

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