List of Multiplayer/BattleMode glitches I found

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Post #1by PK Esper » 22 Sep 2017, 11:20

EDIT: Thread has been renamed to "list of multiplayer/battle mode glitches I found"
Number 1
So let me tell you how do this happens.

If you're playing in multiplayer mode (doesn't matter if you don't really play with yourself), there's a glitch if you enter in a door as (or 2 if they go in first) player 1 as soon as player 2 (or 1, explanatory is on the first one) before it fades out. This only happens if you're using the fade effect.
They won't be able to do anything but pause the game (I assume if it works in game mode)/exit the test mode.

I would say this only happens in the editor while I'm not sure if this also occurs on the game mode (not level editor's test mode I mean).
Number 2
Note: Ignore when Kirby (over Peach) get hurted since any of you probably already know it's not

In BattleMode, if you use a "stunned" Galoomba and when player 1/2 tries to grab it, it hurts them except when jumping over them. Are they were intended to be like this or something?

Yes, there will be more glitches that I will (be able to) found as I will report them here.
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