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I can't move screen in the editor !

Posted: 1 Jun 2017, 22:38
by Catskart
Why sometime after a test I can't move the camera with arrow when editing ? Seriously I must restart SMBX each time.

Posted: 2 Jun 2017, 5:46
by Yoshi021
This has also happened to me. I think it sometimes happens when you press 'esc 'to exit testing while the level is reloading after the player died.

Posted: 2 Sep 2017, 17:07
by Catskart
I find a temporaly solution :
- Go to the variable menu.
- Select a variable.
- Press Enter.

Posted: 3 Sep 2017, 7:08
by the GaMERDoG
This happens to me, too.

Posted: 4 Sep 2017, 15:38
by NightyThomas456
This even happen to me before. It's so annoying when that happen.

Posted: 11 Aug 2018, 9:47
by Yave Yu
Temp solution 2:
Open events and click level window.