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Bug Reporting Guidelines

Posted: 13 Aug 2016, 5:03
by Yoshi021
Welcome to the troubleshooting section. In here you can post about glitches and errors you find in 38-A's engine.

Before you post make sure you have the latest patch(You can find it here).
Check here for current version

What to put in my bug-report?
When making a bug report make sure to describe your bug correctly. Give clear instructions on how to replicate the glitch. If you think your description isn't enough, then you can have a visual such as a: screenshot, video, or a gif in your report. Visuals are highly recommended to have on your report especially when the bug is hard to explain.
If you want to post two glitches at the same time you can post them in the same topic. If there are a lot of glitches. you can categorize them into different topics.
If you have an error, but you can't replicate it, then try to report suspicious behavior. For example, you were messing around by throwing an item around over and over and suddenly you can't carry it anymore. Put in your report that the item mysteriously couldn't be grabbed, but it happened after constantly throwing it.

What to name my topic?
Make sure to name your report with something that represents the bug correctly. Please don't name the previous glitch "item bug", instead, name it "uncarriable item bug".
If you have multiple reports then name it "uncarriable item and incorrect goomba sprite bugs" or if the glitches can be categorized name it "Incorrect NPCs AIs" and have a list of several NPCs whose AI are incorrect.

My Bug has been fixed, now what?
If you discover that your bug is fixed in the newest patch, PM me, put a reply on your report, or change the title topic that the bug has been fixed. I will lock the topic and I will edit your post of the most recent patch in which it's fixed. I will also lock your topic if I am unable to replicate the bug or it has been fixed in the newest patch. If you are still having the bug make sure you have the latest patch. If the bug is still there, but I locked your topic then PM me or Lx Xzit and I will work with you about the bug. If the error was fixed in one patch but came back in a later patch, PM me or Lx Xzit and I will unlock your topic.

5438A38A wrote:Generally, the bugs will be fixed if you properly reported them and they can be reproduced, if the "bug" you reported hasn't been fixed, that may be because:
  • You didn't report them properly. You should report a bug with instructions, pictures or videos explaining how to trigger it, and more detailed instructions are preferred if the triggering process is complex. If a bug is always happening in a specific level, you should upload the level file when reporting.
  • What you reported is not a bug. You found some features didn't work ONLY in your level but works fine in other level, why do you think this is a bug?
  • You found a feature differ from what you expect, and it has no help to your episode, so you think this is a "bug", why do you think so?
  • You reported too many bugs and I forget to fix some of them.
If you insist on reporting bugs in your own way(didn't report them properly), your report will be ignored.

If you have any questions or concerns leave a reply.

Posted: 13 Aug 2016, 7:55
by Lx Xzit
We really needed this. BTW I'd like to make two suggestions to the guideliness:

1.) "Troubleshooting" section is for questions and bug reports, right? I'd suggest to use the tag "(Bug-report)" if the topic its talking about a bug. If it isn't the case, then, that person should specific if is making a question, in my opinion, questions should be separated to bug-reports, maybe an option would be make a section of "Help & Support" and deserve "Troubleshooting" section exclusively for bugs? Don't want to sound rude but sometimes important topics are difficult to find due the lot of questions.

2.) This should not be obligatory but I think it should be emphasized: If a person wants to report a bug, the topic could accompany it with images to make it more understandable, or if the bug is very complex to explain then this person could upload video of it (preferably not to YouTube because is blocked in China, or at least I understand that not everyone can access to it there).

EDIT: I know this is a bit off-topic but I got an idea: what about a section for scripts only?

Posted: 13 Aug 2016, 17:52
by Yoshi021
I do agree with having two more sub-forums. Questions and bugs are really common and the "help and support can really organize things. I remember that h2643 suggested a "TeaScripts" sub-forum. Which makes finding scripts easier. Something I've been thinking is having something similar to this. That way small questions and script requests don't use so much space.

Old Save Crash

Posted: 13 Jul 2019, 14:36
by Zachaboss85
Hello, I found a bug while messing with my save files from v1.3.0.1
I think the worlds are loading correctly, but when I try to load my old save, it crashes the game.

I know the files aren't the same type and that's why it doesn't work, but could anyone help me find a way to transfer the saves from to 1.4.5? It would really be helpful.

Thanks in advance

Runtime Error Detected! SMBX Version:2038.07.12.A01A.35F2
Debug info: 0x0, 0x63D21D, 0x5ED184, 0x5EDDB8, 0x5EC281