Bug - Player Facing Unchangeable while Yoshi's Tongue is Activated

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Post #1by N.M.P.B.B. » 29 Jan 2024, 18:40

5438A38A wrote:Up to now, all bugs which reported in correct format have been fixed, you can continue to report bugs, they will be fixed in a while if you report them in correct format, there are lots of good examples can teach you how to report them in bug report forum.
Of course, you can ignore these rules and report them casually, or keep silence and waste your time on wait a 'perfect' version, I don't care that.

Anyway, I can fix a bug in a few minutes if you reported it correctly, much shorter than reply those wrong formatted posts, and I don't want to waste more time on reply. so, if I can't repeat the bug you reported, I will replace the Topic icon of your post to 'Green Question Mark', that means you need to upload more details(level files, scripts, videos, images etc) if you really want to the fix it, after enough details are added, the Topic icon will be reset. If I think what you reported IS NOT a bug, the Topic icon will be replace by 'Blue Infomation Mark', you can also upload more details(to show how it works in previous version) if you still have question.

The online video/image hosting sites in the following list(Incomplete, but appeared in bug report forum) are inaccessible in my region, you'd better consider this before report bug:
Online video: Youtube, Dailymotion
Image hosting: Imgur, Discord CDN, Dropbox, Postimg.cc
Cloud drive: Google driver, Dropbox, Yandex

Hello, 5438A38A, if you want to read this whole post that I've written. (In a story-type beat)

bug-facing_notchanging_when_itemslot_changes_while_yoshitongue_activated.mp4 (2.49 MiB) Viewed 28 times

So I was riding a yoshi (the player's .itemslot that is 1) from the start, and then there is a mega mushroom ahead.
I thought "You know what? Let me skid while I'm riding Yoshi." and I did so.
I skid left (the player's facing), and while skidding, I press the run button to release Yoshi's tongue. Keep that in mind.

While Yoshi's tongue was released, I collected the Mega Mushroom.
As I collected the Mega Mushroom, the .itemslot changes from 1 (yoshi) to -5 (mega mushroom), rendering the player's facing unchangeable.

The player's facing is unchangeable WHILE YOSHI'S TONGUE IS STILL ACTIVATED, even in the player's itemslot being any other value rather than that of the Mega Mushroom.

And the only to change the player's facing back is to mount on the Yoshi (.itemslot = 1) and let Yoshi's tongue back in its mouth. That way, the player's facing should be changed depending on the left and right keys being pressed.

And that's the breakdown on the bug. Here, I have a .zip file containing the text, the level, and the video with it:

I'll be waiting until it's fixed on the next patch release.

Please respond to this bug. Thank you.
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