New SUper Mario Bros U recreation

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Post #1by Bright Star » 15 Jun 2018, 18:33

This is a WIP episode called New Super Mario Bros U a recreation for New Super Mario Bros U for the Wii U
It took 6 months to the halfway point where I am now
It will be finished maybe by next year.But there is are demos available (ONLY DOWNLOAD LINK FOR LATEST DEMO IS AVAILABLE)
All the bosses are made I downloaded them from a guy on youtube "funny jack" and upgraded them.
So I am working hard on this I make one level per day but there is something that inturepts me nearly everytime.
But I will eventually be done.
I created atleast one level in each world,and fun fact NSMBU has only 4 ghost levels.
This is my progress now-
World 1 Acorn Plains-100%
World 2 Layer Cake Desert-100%
World 3 Sparkling Waters-100%
World 4 Frosted Glacier-100%
World 5 Soda Jungle-(WIP)
World 6 Rock Candy Mines-(WIP)
World 7 Merignue Clouds-(WIP)
World 8 Peach's Castle-(WIP
Mario and his friends where in the castle chatting with the princess.Then suddenly Bowser drops in with his airship through the roof.
He bombs the castle and pushes mario on an airship that shoots at light speed into an unkown land and crashes.Luckily Mario recognizes the land as Acorn Plains.
So Mario and his friends start a journey vback to the castle while so they encounter different obstacles and new places to explore.
Playable SMW-Mario
Playable SMW-Luigi
Playable Blue Toad
Playable Yellow Toad
Playable Princess Peach (unlocked at the end of the game.

For more info check on my channel "All Stars Gaming"
here is demo 1 gameplay-

Here is the official trailer

Here is a demo 1 download link-

Here is demo 2 download link-

More versions will be here soon!

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