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Kirby [Cancelled]

Posted: 10 May 2018, 19:28
by Spectra
I'm gonna also make a kirby episode!

There is none yet

Vegetable valley
Dessert desert
Icrememted Ice
Biscuit beach
Monty mountain
Dimemsional Space
Red pepper volcano
Fabric of space
Comunity star [7 levels made by the comunity get to be made here!]

Playable characters
Kirby (toad)
Meta knight (Link)

Comunity star
7 levels can be made for this secret world and Here are the places
1. free
2. free
3. free
4. free
5. free
6. free
7. free

The arena
There may also be an arena, i'm exited to make it!

W1: 3%
W2-9: 0%
The arena; 0%