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Post #1by RSupertheGreat » 14 Feb 2018, 14:11

Hello fellas in the PGE forum. Today I got something to present with you..
Logo 2 big, open at your risk

Blue = RSuper's dialogue
Dark green + bold = Mr. L's dialogue
"After we have celebrated the peace being restored in Starcloud Kingdom, we left the party. My friends are with me so we returned to our home together. Suddenly I got pulled by someone and I couldn't managed to escape from it. I didn't even scream for help so they didn't know what happened... luckily one of my friend, PL noticed me."

"I got beaten up... I can't even open my eyes a little... it looks like I got.. captu..r..e..d..."

"I heard some noises near me, I can sense my mouth getting muted... when I've opened my eyes, I've seen a person in red... my mind was empty because of me getting muted... I'm surprised for all of this. Untied myself.. get my freaking bandana out of my face.. I've managed to freed myself."

"Looking for a way to get out, noticed the door that it's locked. I found the star somewhere in here. So I used it to get myself out of the gay prison."
Heard someone's voice, I don't really wanted to know who is that so I should hide or just escape the fort. I bet hiding is always the option unless they are smart enough to know where they are. I hid myself in a place that they didn't even notice so it seems like I'm safe! I've heard that they need to go out to find me.
Chapter 1: Escape Attempt
"It is time to sneakily get out of their fort. When I was about to get out from this fort, I just saw them. And I noticed the one in red. I don't think that's Mario.. it was... Mr...M..? Oh how could I forgot him since the time when I saw him in my dream! But then I heard the green one, Mr. L is going back to this fort to check everything if I was actually in here. I hide in the same place but then he found me! I had to fight him. I wonder how did he even noticed that I'm this dark place for awhile.."

After defeating him, Mr. L, in a weak state told me something."

"Oh.. you win.. I will tell you something why we do this.. M demands revenge over the three heroes but he is too weak to do that... so he sends some of his armies... when they got defeated, they'd told M that they failed.. M enrages, resulting that his energy got backed up.. wanting to kidnap you.. he wishes to be stronger than you... due to... jealousy... I can't tell you more stories about him.. I need to rest..." *turns into unconcious state*

"I'm really surprised of his true story. I had to fight back of my sidekick so he could regain his past memories. I felt really bad for Mr. L so I'd give him a food that I have left.
I have set on my first journey. To bring back his memories!"
Chapter 2: Untold Revenge Uncovered
<No stories yet>
Chapter 3: Meanwhile at Dream Land
<No stories yet>
Chapter 4: Her Evil Soul
<No stories yet>
Bad ending for Chapter 5: Disconnection
<No stories yet>
Good ending for Chapter 5: Reunitation
<No stories yet>

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