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Post #1by Wellington Games » 15 Oct 2017, 3:30

Heya dudes. This is my new project called Super Mario - The Tower Adventure (or SM - TTA to be short). This episode will need the collaboration of you.

The Mario Bros was relaxing in your house when they heard a explosion!
It's Bowser! He attacked the castle of Princess Peach and kidnapped Princess Peach!
Bowser went to his new building called The Tower of Bowser. This tower have levels with lots of dangers.
But the Mario Bros will not give up. They entered in the tower to save the princess from the claws of Bowser.
And this is the new adventure that the Mario Brothers will begin.

Seven floors with 5 levels on the tower.
2 playable characters (That means the Mario Brothers).
Epic bosses.
Lots of power-ups.
Musics and remixes.
And much more.

Main HUB & Floors - Wellington Games (Me)
1st Floor - Grass Floor
Level 1-1 - Free
Level 1-2 - Free
Level 1-3 - Free
Level 1-4 - Free
Level 1-B - Wellington Games (Me)
2nd Floor - Desert Floor
Level 2-1 - Free
Level 2-2 - Free
Level 2-3 - Free
Level 2-4 - Free
Level 2-B - Free
3rd Floor - Water Floor
Level 3-1 - Free
Level 3-2 - Free
Level 3-3 - Ariinui
Level 3-4 - Ariinui
Level 3-B - Wellington Games (Me)
4th Floor - Forest Floor
Level 4-1 - NajekK
Level 4-2 - Free
Level 4-3 - Ariinui
Level 4-4 - Free
Level 4-B - Ariinui
5th Floor - Snow Floor
Level 5-1 - Free
Level 5-2 - Free
Level 5-3 - Free
Level 5-4 - Free
Level 5-B - Wellington Games (Me)
6th Floor - Sky Floor
Level 6-1 - Free
Level 6-2 - Free
Level 6-3 - Free
Level 6-4 - NajekK
Level 6-B - NajekK
Final Floor - Lava Floor
Level F-1 - Free
Level F-2 - Ariinui
Level F-3 - Free
Level F-4 - Ariinui
Level F-FB - WellingtonGames (Me)

The Tower of Bowser Screenshot.png

Grass Floor Screenshot.png
It's incomplete because there's not levels yet.

TTA Team
Wellington Games (Me) - Leader
NajekK - Level Designer
Ariinui - Level Designer

If you want to be part of the team, just post a PM to me.

1st Demo - Will be released when I finish the 1st floor.
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