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Super Mario Bros.: The Great Adventure

Posted: 22 Oct 2016, 1:54
by NightyThomas456
Hello everyone! It's NightyThomas456 here, showing his new project! ;-)

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This episode was my first project before Mario Forever: SMBX Remake.
It's inspired of the original SMB series, NewSMB series, NewerSMBWii and Super Mario 64. It'll contients some elements from Paper Mario (N64). It's also inspired by famous Mario Fan-games such as Mario Forever, Super Mario: All-Star Attack, etc.

- Eight variety of worlds through the Mushroom Kingdom
- A special world to unlock by completing the main 8 worlds
- Levels inspired by famous Mario fan-games
- Returning Power-Ups
- New and returning enemies
- Musics from various Mario games
- Non-Mario Music as well

Nine months after the events of "Super Mario 3D World", Bowser is getting sick and tired of failing to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom to the Mario Brothers, so this time he sent Kamek to see what are they are currently planning to do today.

Meanwhile, Mario & Luigi went to Princess Peach's Castle to talk about what they can do for today. Toadbert just arrived with a mysterious book. Toadsworth asks what is it, Toadbert explains that it's an ancient book about the Grand Star. (The Grand Star, as the name says, is a giant star that contains infinite powers, it can make wishes come true but only to good people. However, it must NOT fall into the wrong hands, or else the Mushroom Kingdom or even the Mushroom World will be doomed.)
When the Mushroom Kingdom was under construction, some sort of apocalypse happened. Multiple falling rocks from outer space just came out of nowhere, destroying everything in their path. People thought it was the end, until the Star Spirits came out and used the Grand Star to end the apocalypse. After that happened, they created a new area called the Star Palace. A special palace where the Grand Star are being keep and the main entrance is hidden somewhere in the Stardust Roads. They are multiple entrances through the Mushroom World. Princess Peach is aware of this because she already read the book a long time ago, before the Mario Bros. has ever came here in their first adventure.

Kamek hears this with his magic orb and decides to report it to Bowser. Bowser and Kammy Koopa goes to the Stardust Roads to find the Star Palace and steal
the Grand Star so he can definitely have a chance to conquer the Mushroom World and defeat the Mario Bros.. They eventually did find the Star Palace. Bowser was going to take it but the Star Spirits came to stop him. But Kammy used her magic to prevent the Star Spirits from stopping Bowser, forcing them to have no choice but shatter the Grand Star into star shards and throwing them away. (The star shards are little stars that looks like the Invincibility Starman, except that they don't give any source of power useless unless all the eight stars collide into each other, forming into the Grand Star.) Kammy got all the shards back and use them to turn the Star Spirits into stones.
After that, Bowser ordered Kammy to give seven of the shards to his Koopalings, so it'll make their ship able to fly and try to conquering each zone of the Mushroom World. Except that he's going to keep one shard with his son, Bowser Jr.

A star kid with the name of Twink saw this and decides to call for help. He'll eventually met Mario & Co. to explain everything happened in the Star Palace. Princess Peach is shocked and ask Mario & Luigi to go through the worlds and get the stars shards back. They both agree and move to the Grassy Plains.

Now, it's time for the Mario Brothers to stop Bowser and his minions, and retrieve the stars shards before it's too late in this great adventure!

World 1 - Grassy Plains (Grass/Plains) : 100% COMPLETED!!
1-1: Grassy Road - 100%
1-2: Buzzy's Crystal Caves - 100%
1-3: Mushroom Skies - 100%
1-Fortress: Boom-Boom Fortress - 100%
1-4: Nightly Plains - 100%
Hammer Bros. Battle - 100%
1-5: Clampy Lake - 100%
1-6: Yoshi Plains - 100%
1-Castle: Koopa Bros. Castle - 100%
1-Ship: Larry's Airship - 100%

World 2 - Dry Dunes (Desert/Ruins) : 25% Complete
2-1: Sandy Route - 100%
2-2: Deserted Grassland - 100%
2-3: Little Oasis Island - 15%

World 3 - Beachside Land (Beach/Water) : 0%

World 4 - Tropical Forest (Forest/Swamp) : 0%

World 5 - Freezing Valley (Ice/Snow) : 0%

World 6 - Cracked Canyon (Mountain/Canyon) : 0%

World 7 - Cloudy Sky Land (Sky) : 0%

World 8 - Lava Mountain (Lava/Volcano) : 0%

World 9 - Stardust Road (Special) : 0%

Total Progress : 13%

The screenshots will be reposted soon. For some reason they stopped working. I will be using another image site.

Graphic Credits:
Squishy Rex
Qwertyuiopasd1234567 (DeviantArt)

If I somehow forgot to credit you, please notify me immediately!.

You can support my project by putting this in your signature !

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Now you can join the SMBX Projects Discord server to have more info, screenshots, etc. :

Super Mario and all relatives belong to (c)Nintendo. Every other element and its relatives belong to their original authors.
Please support Nintendo by buying their consoles/games.

I hope you like it! This is my first project and I worked hard on it since last year. ;-)

Demo 1 Download: Coming Soon in 2019/2020.

Posted: 30 Oct 2016, 21:41
by flagpolethreeup
This looks, From the screenshots you provided, like it's going to be a great Episode if continue like this.

Keep it Up!

Posted: 31 Oct 2016, 15:51
by NightyThomas456
flagpolethreeup wrote:This looks, From the screenshots you provided, like it's going to be a great Episode if continue like this.

Keep it Up!


Topic Updated! News and Better Screenshots!!

Posted: 16 Jan 2017, 14:02
by NightyThomas456
This Topic has been updated! Check them out in the first post!

Posted: 17 Jan 2017, 2:33
by MidoriNeko
This episode looks great! It kinda reminds me to my episode, but with more smb3 styled graphics. :whistle: Good luck! :clapping:

Posted: 17 Jan 2017, 22:59
by NightyThomas456
greendan wrote:This episode looks great! It kinda reminds me to my episode, but with more smb3 styled graphics. :whistle: Good luck! :clapping:

Thank you so munch! :) :biggrin:

Your project is great too :biggrin:

Posted: 19 Jan 2017, 18:05
wow, nice screenshots!

Posted: 8 Feb 2017, 15:57
by NightyThomas456
KFCMARIO wrote:wow, nice screenshots!

Thank you ! ;-)

Posted: 9 Feb 2017, 2:58
by Ice
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! :shout: :clapping:

Posted: 12 Feb 2017, 17:12
by NightyThomas456
Ice wrote:THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! :shout: :clapping:
I'm glad you like it ! :biggrin:

Posted: 21 Feb 2017, 1:47
by Eri7
I like your ideas , are you still working on this project?

Posted: 24 Feb 2017, 10:57
by PK Esper
Wow Paper Mario episode styled is INCLUDED ?!? I LIKE IT ! Lack of Paper Mario episodes, finally another peeps make a paper mario styled(other than World Star 9). I always loved Paper Mario. :)

Posted: 25 Feb 2017, 15:35
by NightyThomas456
Eri7 wrote:I like your ideas , are you still working on this project?

Yes! This one WON'T be cancelled !

Not even MFRemake for SMBX !

Posted: 2 Mar 2017, 3:34
by MarioKirby101
This looks promising. Keep it up!

Posted: 3 Mar 2017, 23:22
by Ice
YOU TELL 'EM MarioKirby101 :good:

Posted: 29 Mar 2017, 18:02
by diyar1russian220
it's a AWESOME! :shout: :shout: :shout: :shout: :shout: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

Posted: 15 Jun 2017, 7:54
by WellyGames
Not bad Thomas456! I liked these screenshots. Good luck with your project!

Posted: 1 Jul 2017, 20:11
by NightyThomas456
New Update!!!!

New and better screenshots, some topic changes!

Posted: 1 Jul 2017, 21:14
by BlueNinja@PGE-SMBX
do you have a custom h.u.d :whistle:

Posted: 13 Jul 2017, 12:45
by NightyThomas456
BlueNinja@PGE-SMBX wrote:do you have a custom h.u.d :whistle:

Yes, I will show it once I finished a level.

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