[Demo - 2 Updated] Funny Fighter ~ You can play as Kirby now!

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Post #1by HengShao » 28 Mar 2024, 12:10

As the title implies, in this episode you can play as Kirby -- Though not Kirby himself, but my Kirby OC with yellow cap who is also known as HengShao.
This is an experimental boss-rush episode, whose mode is similar to that of The Arena in Kirby series, where you need to challenge all kinds of bosses and finally beat all of them as soon as possible, and there's only one chance which means if you fail halfway you have to start from scratch. This episode could be more a Kirby fan game than a Mario fan game to some extent.
At present, this demo only has 4 bosses to challenge. There will be more bosses from Kirby series to challenge in the future versions. And I need to thank TheCreator520 and Slash-18, bosses they made are edited by me and used here.

Update History
Demo - 2:
① Improved the control of player;
② A new move known as "Funny Stick Flip" has been added for the player, which can deal a large damage to enemies via charging;
③ Reduced the maximum health of Lololo & Lalala, fixed some bugs about their pushing boxes along with some other issues;
④ Polished some other boss' moves and mechanics.


Game Instructions
Key Description
Start: Pause
A: Jump
B: Run

Game Note
When in the title screen, Press 'Start' key to quit the game.
Note that you can't pause the game during gameplay.

Basic Move
←/→: Move
←←/→→: Dash
A: Jump
A in midair: Hover
B during Hover: Air Bullet

Move List
B: Funny Stick
Dash+B: Funny Stick Swing
Dash+B in midair: Giant Swing
↓+B in midair: Drill Smash
↑during Drill Smash: Cancel Drill Smash
↑+B: Funny Stick Flip ~ Prepare
Hold B after ↑+B: Funny Stick Flip ~ Charge
←/→ during Funny Stick Flip ~ Charge: Move Slowly
Release B after Charging Done: Funny Stick Flip ~ Attack

Player Design:

Boss Design:

GFX Design:
HAL Laboratory
Mario 84

BGM Compose/Remix:
HAL Laboratory
Hooded Edge
Milon Luxy

Game Design:

Game Engine:
Original Version Developed by Redigit ~ 'Anderew Spinks'
38A Version Redeveloped by 5438A38A

Download Link
Demo - 2:
You need SMBX 1.4.5 Patch 31.1 to play this episode.
If you don't have SMBX 1.4.5 Patch 31.1, you can just download Standalone Version of this episode: https://hel.smbx.world/upload/Funny%20Fighter%20Demo%20-%202.exe?preview
Older Version:
Demo - 1:

If you find any bugs during gameplay or have any suggestions on improving this episode, please give feedbacks here, thanks!
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