[SMBX 38A Episode]Explore the Retroland (Notice:1.4.4 Fix2 Only!)

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Post #1by Marchtinal.Wesker » 16 Nov 2022, 7:53

Several years went by, the latest episode 'EXPLORE THE RETROLAND' of mine is now available for everybody to play!

Does it remind you of classic SMW-Style? (While it is a bit different from the original game)

The screenshot of the episode:

Explore The Retroland.png

*No special collectable elements, I just provide a huge switch button on the world map, it works just as SMW does.

*Mario only, a process saving system is available in final level for players in order to prevent data missing caused by quitting the game.

*An unpacked episode, you'll have access to view and edit the levels 'n' world map.
(To make sure the playability, I don't suggest you make any changes to the original levels.)

*You have no need to worry about this episode would take much space, for most tracks are in '.spc' format.

Download link: (Click below!)
https://www.mediafire.com/file/65n53gsaxssgx1d/%5 ... _Retroland%28Fix_3%29.zip/file

1.4.4 FIX2 ONLY! I take no responsibility for errors caused by other versions!

Have fun!

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Post #2by Noah25 » 16 Nov 2022, 14:42

Indeed, there is a bit of a classic SMW style. Anyway, thanks to you for sharing. It's really very interesting.
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