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Post #1by Chanceux2 » 1 Apr 2022, 19:13

Ok so, I have been playing 1.4.4, for 5 years now. And for sooooo long, i wanted to make a joke episode and upload it. Lastly, the orginal Super player Bros. got lost on a old laptop so that won't work :P

Screenshots for my serious epsioede episdoe episoed eipsde episode:





Ok bro let's be real. If you actually beat this, you gotta send me prove. Because yes, I know the second level is possible, but idk about the first and last. Also, if I can find my old laptop, I will make a Archive for all my completed old and bad episodes (two)

So yeah, download the best episode you have ever seen in your life since like 2069-2420:

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