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Post #1by Dr. Wally » 27 Feb 2021, 23:37

After 4 years of development, Mushroom Kingdom Land is finally complete!. Go alongside with the Mario Bros. in a new super adventure intended to give a homage to the classic era of Mario platforming!

There are eight Stars with unlimited power hidden in several lands of the Mushroom Kingdom. After learning about its powers, Bowser organizes an invasion in the search of those stars finding one successfully. Meanwhile back in the Kingdom, Princess Peach notices Koopa army and realizing about their intentions, she calls the Mario Brothers to travel around the lands in order to stop invasion and find the Power Stars


Mario: The main hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and one of the two playable characters. His jump stastistic are ok so he's perfect to starters and experts...

Luigi: Mario's younger brother and the other playable character. He jumps higher than Mario but is extremaly clumsy at the traction

Princess Peach: The young ruler of Kingdom. She sends Mario & Luigi to travel around the lands in order to purge the Koopa army and find the Power Stars

Toads: The main citizens of the Kingdom. Those little creatures host the minigame houses placed around the world

Little Toadie: One particular Toad who you will encounter during the journey providing special items and tips about Power Stars locations

The Koopalings: Bowser's high ranged minions. They took over the adyadcent lands of the Mushroom Kingdom using the magic wands and comanding the Koopa troops to get the Stars

Bowser: The main villain of the Mushroom Kingdom and ruler of the Dark Land. This time, he's on the search of the Power Stars, organizing the invasion to find them. What nefarious purpose have in mind when he gets them all?

What's in this episode?
-A 1-player SMB3 styled game with elements and stuffs from other Mario games
-Only Mario & Luigi are playables
-Minigames levels including the Dig Dig game and Balloon fight-esque game from SMA4 and the Flip minigame from the original game!
-A world map inventory which can only store up to 20 items
-Eight Stars to collect (and a secret one) The first seven are hidden in the in the first seven worlds
-Over 80 levels on eight worlds to explore. Each level has three Advanced Coins to collect
-The Worlds
World 1: Green Grass Land
A beautiful plains with green hills, peaceful valleys and some creepy caverns...

World 2: Blistering Sand Land
The mandatory desert world in Mario games. In these arid terrains, you will find some rare creatures liken Fire Snakes and Chain Chomps

World 3: Lakeside Land
An exotic valley filled with lakes, rivers, and pools. A literal paradise! ... just keep on eye with those cheep cheeps

World 4: Starry Night Land
This forestal area seems to be into an eternal night... A nice living place for some hostile monsters like Boos and Pirahna Plants

World 5: Winter Hill Land
Ice and snow are the rule in this frigid zone just in time to add a sense of danger to the adventure. You better have some valuable items in your inventory!

World 6: Sky High Land
A country with numerous islands formed by clouds, all together to make up some of the most dangerous levels of this journey.

World 7: Rock Hole Land
A mountainous zone with rocky cliffs and dangerous rocky paths. And some forests, lakes and frozen areas...

World 8: Koopa Regiment Land
The Bowser Territory. Get your way into this nightmarish world of bleak woods, dark caverns and volcanic seas to fight against King Koopa's grand army

World 9: Star Warp Zone
A secret place with some secret suprises ;)


Download Link:

-Arrow Gfx pack
-Elbow Gfx Pack
-The Squishy Rex Gfx Pack
-Sednaiur (Various levels tileset and World Map tileset)
-Valtteri (SMM decorations)
-SuperSledgeBro (SMM2 Pipe decoration)
-Me (Some sprites modifications)
-TheCreator520 (Koopalings and various enemies)
-Nested Ernest (Roulette minigame and some enemies)
-Caskcart (SMB3 Hud)
-Zwertll (a few enemies)
-Koji Kondo (Original Soundtrack, SMM Ghost House and SMM2 Snow)
-Taiju Suzuki (Super Mario Advance 4 original compositions)
-Ladiesman217 (SMM Ghost House and SMA4 tracks into Super Mario All Stars soundfont)
-KevinM (SMM2 Snow theme into All Stars soundfont)

Any feedback would be appreciated. Enjoy and have a good time!

fnafan8888888888 M
fnafan8888888888 M
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Post #2by fnafan8888888888 » 28 Feb 2021, 2:13

The episode is really cool.

But I don't understand the 1st "Dig & Craft" minigame, I dug all the way before the timer is over but I still die.

And also why can't I switch between Mario & Luigi?

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