The Second Adventure of The Great Star Hunting (SMBX 1.4.4)

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Post #1by NewSaturn » 20 Apr 2019, 9:40

Hello everyone,

Today, I'm so excited to post my brand new (and first) episode called "The Second Adventure of The Great Star Hunting" ! :D

I'm warning you right now about my English that isn't great because I'm French but I'm sure you will understand me especially when I put signs and message boxes in my game. :no:

My SMBX episode is supposed to be played for SMBX 1.4.4 by 38A because I used mechanisms, scripts and Power-Ups from 1.4 versions of SMBX so you have to play this game in this version, it's very important.

Moreover, I used for this game Hub Worlds and not a classic SMW or SMB3 Classic Map. There are in the whole game 200 Stars divided in 9 worlds for a total of 60 levels (exactly 61 levels because the last level is composed of 2 parts so 2 levels in one), yeah, such pretty long ! :) (I calculated the average time for each levels done by 100% and the total played time comes to 9 hours and 30 minutes)

Now, I will tell you the story of my project and the explanation of its name.

The name :

The Second Adventure of The Great Star Hunting is a sequel-like of Super Mario Star Expedition made by Chad in 2011/2012. Don't worry, I already told that choice of making a kind of sequel of his original game (in May 2017 because I started this project since 2 years now) and he wanted to me to change the name of my project called at the beginnings, "Super Mario Star Expedition 2" and he agreed that I should be inspired by his game if it could help me and this was the case : if you played Chad's episode, you will find a lot of references, allusions and similarities in my game even though there are a lot of differences because I entirely made my episode by myself and tried to make unique and original levels (names, customs graphics and musics, some mechanisms, ...). There are more informations about the name that I will explain you in the story. ;-)

Story :

Mario (the only one playable in my game) begins his quest into the Star Palace Place (SPP) (the main Hub of the game) which leads to all worlds of the Star Constellation. He decides to go to Peach's Castle accessible from the SPP and talks to Peach who announce to him that Bowser's Army stole once again the Stars of the SPP but we cannot know at this moment why he did that this time but we will learn that later during the episode. Peach explains to Mario about the absence of Luigi and Toad (they have been kidnapped by Bowser) and gives the only single Star she kept during the time where Bowser was about to steal every Star. In this way, Mario's duty consists in gathering the 200 Stars of the SPP so as to restore the Star Constellation as well as saving Luigi and Toad ! We can say that "Hunting" in the name is a good word to make the number of Stars evident. :lol:

For each classic level, there are 3 Stars to collect. There is also one single Star hidden in every Hub world, one Star in Peach's Castle and one Star in the main Hub world (the SPP). However, there are 4 Stars for last levels of each world and the number of levels is different for every world.

For all levels, you have the possibility to return to the Hub world from the midpoint and the beginning of each level.

Screenshots :

The Star Palace Place :

Level 1-4 :

Level 2-1 :

Hub of the World 3 :

Level 4-3 :

Level 5-5 :

Hub of the World 6 :

Level 7-6 :

Hub of the World 8 :

Level 9-2 :

Download link :

I hope you'll enjoy this very long episode which I have been working for tens of hours. :biggrin: I'm so proud of the result so don't hesitate to post comments or reviews about this game, it will be makes me happy ! :)

Further informations :

- This episode isn't made to be playable with 2 players even if I put the second player (Luigi) for every level because he has been kidnapped.

- It is possible that some Stars don't appear on the screen for some reason so if it happens, you will have to leave the screen where the Star is supposed to be and then come back immediately to the place where the Star is.

- It is possible that some levels have musics with differences about the sound so I apologize for that (a level with one loud soundtrack with an other music with low sound for instance but not all the time).

- I put some scripts for NPCs especially for levels from World 8 and 9 and I'm hoping it will works for your SMBX game but it works for me so I think it will be good for you.

- I still have one single problem about something in my episode that I didn't manage to solve : 95% of my levels have a SMW Checkpoint in a different section from where Mario begins and if you decide to return to the Hub world from the checkpoint (or if you finish a level) and then, come back directly to the level from the Hub, you will die and return to the Checkpoint. :x (And not to the start of the level) It is a problem because if you didn't find or forgot 1 or 2 Stars in a level, you will first die and you will have to take the reverse path of the level if you forgot the first for example and you don't have the possibility for some levels to return to the beginning from the Checkpoint ... The only solution about that is to start an another level and play it, and then come back to the previous level where you didn't find some Stars in order to avoid useless deaths and return trips. (I'm really sorry for this ... :( )

- Lastly, it is possible that the levels from World 1, 2 and 3 have similar simple mechanisms (locked warps, switchs and sometimes return trips, not enough layers and events, ect ...) because they have been made in 2017 and at this time I didn't have good editor skills but don't worry, they are still good especially last levels even if they are tricky and tough ! ;)

Credits :

The creator of this game : NewSaturn (Myself)

Custom graphics that I've chosen for my episode from : bossedit8, Chad, Valterri, reghrhre, Shadow_Flame, Shinbison-Kof, mochila, h2643, AquariusGamer, Cogniton, as202198, Wraith Adamnknight, Skizo, MarioFan22, XiLoRe 25, zephyr, MFGG, Dood, Sanct, Artturer, Lx Xzit, GLuigiX, Marina, Doodoxing, Waddle Derp, Meta, MosaicMario, MyNameIsEric52, Yave Yu, Sednaiur, Redigit, Dragonmaster126, Luffy, Natsu, Enjl, rodrigo0, KFCMARIO, Darkonius64, krazykoopa, SupahKupah, Camacho, andregemeo23, TheCreator520, Magus, Hani, Red Yoshi, DarkStar, Yoshiboo62, Dr. SVH, Xionix, jdaster64, Tonberry2k, registered_person, Catlover341, Brener123, Road Runner, NSPBWii, Squishy Rex, Kokorov, elitalianoverde, tulip, ffffff, Elbow, Fluttershy, Various Inspiration, NajekK, Mageker, krazybluemonkey, Link, Dragonmaster146.

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