Castle of Bloniques [1.4.4] [Beta Release]

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Post #1by Victor ManuelMR » 28 Sep 2018, 5:59

Trailer :
phpBB [youtube]

Original link:

Download :

Castle of Bloniques and a spin-off of an episode [still in production] called ''Luigi, are you?''

History :
Toad and his Girlfriend Hornette were picnicking in the forest of illusion, when a force suddenly takes Hornette to a castle completely made of blocks, toad still confused with it, decides to go back to the castle where his girlfriend was taken.

the project counted on 12 phases in total, taking only 4 in its current beta
Playable characters:
-... just in a moment of the episode
Some news in gameplay:
    -the new playable character, has unique characteristics and abilities that toad does not have.
    -some special stages such as a stage style shooter.
    -Only Heads.
    -from stage 5, the phases will be exploration, having to look for the star in the phases.
    -Translation into English and Brazilian Portuguese.

if you are good at script, and want to help me with the project, please contact me by discord:Victor ManuelMR#3634

Screenshots :
questions and answers:
-Will you get a world map?

Ans: No, I had problems with mapa mundi although I managed to solve this problem, I resolved not to add in this episode, maybe a continuation.

-Will you have Multiplayer?

Ans: No, unhappily.

"I wanted to help you, can I?"

Ans: You can, if you know how to create sprites in the style of SMB2, or know how to create scripts, then contact me by my discord: Victor ManuelMR#3634

please leave your opinion in the comments, critics are well lives =>
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