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Post #1by Nezumi » 10 Sep 2018, 4:25

Hello community
Beta 1.0 contains the world 1. A PC with these features or better is recommended:
Processor = FX 8320E
Video card = amd hd7770 1gb ddr5
Ram = 8gb ddr3 1333 mhz
In conclusion, all the components are not very relevant, what matters most is the video card, since it must support a maximum number of 16384 textures that can be corroborated by going to "Level editor" then "View" then "Debugger" then "Max texture" if the number is less than 16384, some graphics will disappear.

9 levels in total

English version:
Versión español:

ATTENTION: It is recommended to have this program and the game apart from the one you always use, since it uses sounds that are not by default in the program, and if you just copy the game folder to put it in your smbx, some sounds will disappear.


Video trailer:
phpBB [youtube]

Original link:

Good luck c:

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