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A New World (with a WIP Special World)

Posted: 12 Jun 2018, 19:13
by TrueBence6
This is it, the SMBX episode i've always been developing, now it's complete.

The Story:
After the events of Super Mario Bros 3. Suddenly, a darkness enters the world, there is only one way to stop it, is by entering it. What is this, World 0? I think there should be 8 worlds, not 9. Oh, there is only 6 worlds (5 before 1.3). Weird.

Start the game up
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Find Obscure Secrets
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Destroy The Bosses

I replaced the tanooki suit with a black and white raccoon leaf that i made using to match the stone leaf from 3D land
The Blue Stopwatch is also by me

Download Link (used Dropbox cuz the episode is too big)
How to install
Step 1: Download this
Step 2: Download SMBX 1.4.4 if you haven't
Step 3: Extract the a new world folder into the worlds folder

Update is Coming

Posted: 16 Jun 2018, 10:51
by TrueBence6
Hey everyone, i'll be making a new update.

What will be different than in the 1.0 release?

The Blocks in 3-4 and the beginning of 3-5 will be replaced with brown versions as 3-4 was intended to be a reference to the lost levels' 9-3
and 3-5 is having the end of that level

1.2 Update will be released

Posted: 30 Jun 2018, 16:00
by TrueBence6
Hey all the fans, i made a new update for this episode
the changelog:
Bugs Fixed and new tileset
More Detailed Changelog in ReadME file

Posted: 7 Jul 2018, 19:08
by TrueBence6
1.3 is coming with a secret at 1-Castle above the lava. Stay tuned.
Also, the Ghost House theme was changed.

1.4 coming up

Posted: 22 Jul 2018, 16:17
by TrueBence6
1.4 update is coming with a museum containing some unused levels and a real final castle (with new music), also changed the airship theme.

1.5 is released and 1.5.1 is coming

Posted: 6 Aug 2018, 17:55
by TrueBence6
The minor updates are like this, but after a bigger update, it'll be reset until more minor updates get released
Changes (less detailed, more detailed version available on ReadME file):
Fixed missing music at Hand Trap 5
Added avatar at start of game.

I think 1.7 is too big for us

Posted: 24 Aug 2018, 13:42
by TrueBence6
Hey, i'm also making a True Level Pack that contains levels entirely by me.
I am unable to work full-time on this because of other things i'm doing (not jobs. as i'm still a kid), also, school is coming in the fall, so, between my ROBLOX games and school, i may barely have time to develop updates for my episode, the 2.0 release will make the game bigger and better.

Creating 1.9 Level

Posted: 26 Sep 2018, 15:47
by TrueBence6
I am currently in development on the Mt. Dark for Special World Museum, these museum exclusive (not unused) levels are going to be in the Special World 2 (Special World 1 will have levels from World 1 made more challenging).

1.9.1 is being released

Posted: 2 Oct 2018, 18:33
by TrueBence6
This update will have the New Super Mario Bros Castle theme as an alternative theme for castles (music block is not only in caves, but also in castles (Except for the final castle and castle in S-3)). I'll also make videos to showcase this SMBX episode (1.9.1 and beyond) and i won't show you all the secrets that exist in the game, but i'll make a separate video for it to avoid spoilers.

I am still making the 1.10 update

Posted: 1 Nov 2018, 17:55
by TrueBence6
I am making my 1.10 update for the game, this'll not finish special world yet, but it'll add a different world, that is meant to be the world with the most levels, but a space thing ran into it and migrated to it.