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The Great SMBX 38A Contest I

Posted: 1 Sep 2017, 4:01
by Yoshi021
After a waiting period, the episode featuring all of the levels is out!
Download here!

The episode contains all 13 levels of the contest tied together with a hub. The episode contains an extra final level that you can play once you collect all 14 stars!

If you ecounter any error in the hub, please tell me so a patch can be released. Otherwise, enjoy the episode and hopefully see you next contest!

NOTE: Some level had some minor modifications
Existential Crisis: Improved performance
Flesh Cavern: Fixed an NPC flag
Frenzied Forest: Improved performance, and added a vine to prevent the level to be unfinishable.
Level 2-7: Removed HUDset commands, and removed glitchy bitmap commands. Changed the SMB1 flag to an SMB3 star.
LongRoad: Improved performance
Space Gate Galaxy: Added Music
The Mountain: Added Music


13th PLACE
The Mountain by Timocomilta
0/10- Originally 1.7/10 (Disqualified for making the level public)

Mario Kirby - 3/10
This level appears to be very unfinished, but I'll review the parts that ARE there anyway. So... there's a lot of Paraspinies... there's a lot of springs... there's some Monty Moles... and then the level ends. Also, there are TWO levels in the folder, I played Mountain1.lvl since it was more any rate, next time FINISH your level before you submit it.

Yoshi021 - 0.1/10
This level is not even complete. This level is incredibly short and confusing. There is no music, NPCs are placed randomly, the level has a leap of faith and flying mushrooms.

Greendan - 2/10
...Well, In the folder there were 2 lvl files... the first of which has just a flat ground with 2 NPCs. I am not sure why it was there, but... OK, move on. When I opened the second file there saw at least something to be reviewed. It was quite...unfinished. It didn't have any BGOs, other than the mountain ones and a few clouds. It was way too short and didn't have anything interesting. It had chaotically placed springs and a few other NPCs. You didn't put any effort in this level, there isn't even a music! I should say, that this is more like a test level, than a contest one. I am really disappointed by this one :-(

12th PLACE
Space Gate Galaxy by Wellington Games

Mario Kirby - 4.5/10
This level just kind of lacked anything special to make up for its flaws. There are floating springs in some places (by the way, you have to be Luigi for them to actually send you to the next area), there's cut off and and unfinished pipe in the final room (which lacked a background as well), as well as the checkpoints not being Cs, like the sign, would tell you. This HAS potential, but you really need to bring it out better.

Yoshi021 - 2/10
This level feels empty. There is no music, it also seems that there are some custom GFX missing. The level itself has no theme. It is just blocks with some goombas and koopa troopas on them. The trampoline transition doesn't always work and needs improvement. The ending "arena" is useless too. This idea could have been further expanded upon.

Greendan - 4/10
This level has a lot of things to be improved. The smb3's pale and bright colored grass and trees BGOs didn't fit with the saturated color of the ground. I didn't like the idea of using flying springs, instead of launch stars from Super Mario Galaxy. And the tutorial signs were unnecessary.

11th PLACE
Frenzied Forest by DryBones

Mario Kirby - 3.5/10
This was laggy, with bad custom graphics, and no custom blocks, which this level desperately needed. It also had a huge difficulty spike, and the timer was completely uneccesary for the level. The NPCs didn't fit at all, and overall it was a really bad time.

Yoshi021 - 4/10
This level is really odd. The level for some reason is really laggy. Also, it seems you can't even finish the level without editing it. The clown car part was awesome, but the rest of the level was bad. The timer section did not supply enough time, and the rest is laggy.

Greendan - 4/10
This level has a really poor design. It is boring and repetitive. There isn't anything new or special about this level, it is pretty simple. Ice flower would be a better choice for a power-up in the level, instead of the blue shell. There is a lack of BGOs, making the level feel empty. And for some reason, the level lagged for me... Well, the music was OK, also the parallax background gave the level a nice touch. The dash coins were a nice idea, too. And that's everything good about it.

10th PLACE
NES Vallet by TepigFan101

Mario Kirby - 4.5/10
This level was kinda disappointing. The level design was meh, there are 16-bit graphics all over, and it was pretty boring overall.

Yoshi021 - 4.25/10
A pretty unmemorable level. The NES graphics are nice, but the level did not have any focus in its gameplay. The level feels like a giant flat ground with occasional enemies. The only part that felt focused was the bridge part with fish at the bottom.

Greendan - 3/10
This level was really boring. It had a really poor design, there were 16-bit graphics in some places, it also felt unfinished is some places.

Flesh Cavern by MECHDRAGON777

Mario Kirby - 4/10
This one was just... gross... The level design itself is OK, but the graphics and music really bring it down. For starters, none of the NPCs fit with the blocks or BGOs. Secondly, I kept mistaking the spikes for BGOs, because the BGO and the spiked Blocks are very similar. Not to mention, the background doesn't loop around properly. And the music is just unsettling...

Yoshi021 - 4.75/10
A really interesting level. It did a good job at getting a disturbing atmosphere. However, the level design was not that great. The level was really tight with a low ceiling, which made the propeller block useless. The para-goombas did not help either. They made the level tedious by how hard they are to dodge. The same thing can be said about the projectiles.

Greendan - 4.5/10
I didn't really like that one. The graphics were decent, but I noticed a few issues in some of them, which are quite noticeable - I wonder how you've missed them. However, that is not the problem. The music was...terrifying and I didn't like it at all. I know that the point of it was to give that dark and scary tone, but it didn't pull it off very well. Also, there is a cut off in the background and doesn't loop around properly. And you could've at least recolor the NPCs to fit with the environment.

Mushroom Sky by EddsFan24

Mario Kirby - 5/10
This level... it was kinda long (the autoscrolling didn't help), there was a lot of SMB3 graphics, the Bullet Bills were on too many shrooms, there weren't enough power-ups and Larry Koopa kept flying offscreen. It wasn't a great time, really.

Yoshi021 - 4.75/10
This level had some weird choices. The level used a slow auto-scroll which did not benefit the level. It increased the tediousness of playing the level plenty of times. The level also had random fast bullet bills that caused a lot of unfair deaths.

Greendan - 5/10
This level was, again, nothing special. I usually like SMB1 styles levels, but this one was quite boring, it was also really short. The auto-scroll made it feel longer, but less enjoyable. And the bullet bills were way too fast, it was really hard for me to dodge them. And the boss was unbeatable. Every time I tried to fight with him, he kept playing offscreen.

Level 2-7 by DaveDaCat101
5/10 - Originally 7/10 (Penalty of 2 points for using HUDSET and SMB1 Flag)

Mario Kirby - 6.5/10
I get the feeling that there was supposed to be a custom HUD for this level, not just vines hanging in the air... at any rate, this is a well-designed level despite some theme mismatching (Custom SMB3 Tileset + Unimaker Special Blocks + SMW Bowser Jr...). If the graphics matched, the score would be a little higher, but right now it isn't the best. Plus, the level ends in a Goal Pole, not an SMB3 Star.

Yoshi021 - 8.5/10
I see this level used the HUDSET command, which the user did not use correctly and caused the HUD to be glitched. Otherwis, this level was fun. The only big problem with the level is that feel as many other Bowser's castle. However, All the enemy placement is pretty good except for the last star coin that is oddly in plain view.

Greendan 6/10
I really don't know what is wrong with the custom HUD, but I don't think that it was supposed to have vines on it... So, the overall design of the level was really good, the graphics looked OK. However, the level felt kinda cramped, there were areas with too many BGOs in one place. The hardness of the level was normal, but it felt really short. And I really hate when the people don't read the rules - there was clearly said, that the level MUST end with a star, however your ends with a flagpole.

Goomba's Garrigue by KesterTank

Mario Kirby - 6/10
To be perfectly honest, nothing in this level was particularly bad... it's just that nothing was particularly GOOD, either. It just felt like an average Nintendo level I would find in an actual game. Nothing wrong with that, though. Try making it a bit more original next time.

Yoshi021 - 4.25/10
There was nothing really interesting in this level. This level felt like your average grassland with nothing extra to make the level fun or interesting. At least the level LOOKS polish which is nice, but the level itself is really forgettable.

Greendan - 5.5/10
This level was really bright and cheerful - I liked it! The design was nice, however, it felt repetitive at times. The graphics fitted the environment well, but a few of them clashed with the others. There were not interesting mechanics in this level. To be honest, the level was OK, but there is nothing really special about it. It is perfect for an average episode, but for a contest level, try something more original.

Nighty Plains by Thomas456

Mario Kirby - 6.5/10
This level wasn't really anything special. I liked the visuals of it, but level design wise it was sort of meh. The secrets were really easy to find, too.

Yoshi021 - 4.25/10
This level is really generic. I saw a mini-pipe, but the mini mushroom was way too hidden. Besides that, I don't really have much to say because the level is too simple and generic.

Greendan - 6.5/10
This level was definitely better than the previous SMB1 SNES level. But it is nothing interesting. The design was Ok, the music was Ok. And that's pretty much all about it.

The Deep Caves by Eri7
6.33/10 - Originally 7.33/10 (Penalty of 1 point for submitting the level late)

Mario Kirby - 7/10
This level was very well done, with excellent Mario Maker-esque SMW graphics. It was a bit long and hard for my tastes, but I love Super Mario World so I'll let that one slide. At any rate, the level wasn't without some flaws, (such as fish on land and WAY too many bubbles) but overall I think this will place well. Good job.

Yoshi021 - 6/10
The main problem I had with this level was that it is too long. This level would be perfect if it was either shorten up or if the level had more checkpoints. Aside from that, the level is pretty fun, but it did contain some swoopers that were placed pretty unfairly.

Greendan - 9/10
This level was just amazing! The design was really good, the graphics fit perfectly. I usually don't like SMW graphics, but these ones looked amazing. The only thing I didn't like is the length of the level. The first section felt way too long. Also, there were a little bit too many NPCs in the third section. However, I didn't notice any design or graphics flaws - everything has been polished to the best! Nice Job!

LongRoad by Catskart

Mario Kirby - 7.5/10
Awesome mechanics and graphics, which is always a great combination. However, I found the level a bit too difficult for my tastes, and that's really the only thing bringing it down for me. I love the custom power-up on this level, too.

Yoshi021 - 7/10
This is a neat level. The level is laggy and that does remove some of the fun of the level. Some of the platformers were placed weirdly and some enemies at the beginning was a bit unfair. Otherwise, The way the goombas turned into the ghost is a cool idea. The flower mechanic is also neat, but I feel it had more potential than what it was used in the level.

Greendan - 7/10
One really good level, with great mechanics and design. The parallax background was just...fascinating! The new power-up is really helpful, though hard to control (but this is just because I am not a good player :-P) But the level felt really hard for me, I had to use God Mode in order to complete it.

Blossom Whisper by Greendan

Mario Kirby - 7.5/10
Normally, I hate NSMB styled graphics in SMBX (especially combined with normal, 16-bit graphics), but this manages to pull it off very well. (I still would like it better if Mario and the HUD were also NSMB, but regardless...) There is some cutoff (on the roof of some of the buildings) and some of the animations look odd (Hammer Bro/Sledge Bro throwing a hammer, Sledge Bro defeated by the jump) but overall it's very well done graphically. I did find it a little boring at times, and rather easy as well. Regardless, this is a good level overall, and I'd like to see how it places.

Yoshi021 - 7/10
This level was fun, but a major problem I had when playing the level was the foreground. The bamboo trees obstruct the view and make the level unnecessarily tedious at times. Either move the trees lower or make the foreground transparent. Into the level itself, the hammer bros. are placed unfairly at some parts. The terrain the climbable bamboo tree's hitbox doesn't match with the graphic. A minor thing I noticed is that the slopes of the ceiling of the houses are glitched and you can fall through them.

Catskart - 7.5/10
We have here a good utilization of NSMB style, with some well-animated NPCs, like coins or goombas (even if some others are strange), but it's problematic to use it due to SMBX is unable to play custom player animation, however, you can customize hud with scripts, and make it less 16 bit styles. The music is good for the level theme. The difficulty is OK, except the part with paratroopa, which is hard.

Existential Crisis by Yoshi021

Mario Kirby - 9/10
This was... surprising. Not in a bad way though. The visual is REALLY well done here, (although I coulda done without the colored balls distracting me) and I love the Color Changing Coins and Grinders. The difficulty is also very fair, but some of the platforming gimmicks could use some work. At any rate, I had a lot of fun with this one. Hope to see more levels like this. :)

Catskart - 8/10
It's an original level, a colorful edge with a dark background, I don't understand why the background is MEGAPIXELISED. You seem to have some skills for teascript, with good colored effects randomly appearing on screen. The music is good for the level theme, the part with the disk was hard, but I like the end of this level

Greendan - 8/10
The first section really looked out of place, but oh dear I was wrong! When I started testing it, I found out that the first section was just for test purposes. This level was amazing! The design was really good and the music fitted well, although some of the platforming areas could've been improved. I really liked the way you introduced the new gimmicks, but they could've been developed even more. Overall, in terms of design, you definitely nailed it. However, in terms of gameplay it needs some improvement, but it is still pretty decent. I really enjoyed that one! (and ooh that parallax, I absolutely love it! :-D )

Posted: 1 Sep 2017, 4:19
by PK Esper
I like to see a contest turning into an episode so I guess I would record them.

Posted: 1 Sep 2017, 11:08
by Eri7
Finally , but is the episode map packed?

Posted: 2 Sep 2017, 7:01
by MarioKirby101
MariotheNerd wrote:I like to see a contest turning into an episode so I guess I would record them.
Already on it!
phpBB [youtube]

Original link:

Eri7 wrote:Finally , but is the episode map packed?

Posted: 29 Sep 2017, 9:14
by PK Esper
MarioKirby101 wrote:
MariotheNerd wrote:I like to see a contest turning into an episode so I guess I would record them.
Already on it!
phpBB [youtube]

Original link:

Gosh dangit, why are you faster than me lol. But I'm still doing it.


Posted: 16 Oct 2017, 22:31
by timocomsmbx14x2345
soo my level was abbysmal?

Posted: 17 Oct 2017, 5:31
by PK Esper
timocomsmbx14x2345 wrote:soo my level was abbysmal?
Your level might be in the last place and gets disqualified but your level is still in the episode.

Posted: 8 Nov 2017, 4:42
by Coolio__
Sorry about the SMB flag in my level, it came straight out of my episode.

Posted: 18 Nov 2017, 3:22
by Yoshi021
Coolio__ wrote:Sorry about the SMB flag in my level, it came straight out of my episode.
It's ok, just make sure to read the rules if you want to participate in a future contest.