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Yave Yu M
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Yave Yu M
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Post #1by Yave Yu » 8 Aug 2017, 16:24

Ah, a minigame episode finished!

In this episode, you will control the blue pipe to shoot those falling bricks. If you break them over, stage will pass, or bricks will push blue pipe down.
In this episode, you will beat 10 stages (and 1 ending stage). If you beat them up, try 2nd game, bricks will fall a little faster.
In every stage, they have different rules, see it at left-bottom text.

In title screen:
UP and DOWN key to move cursor, SPACE key to confirm.
In game:
LEFT and RIGHT key to move blue pipe, SPACE key to shoot.
Sorry, no PAUSE key available, but if you need to pause, try to make SMBX loses focus.


Episode made by Yave Yu.
Finished on Aug 8th, 2017.

Beta Tester
Yave Yu

Special Thanks
5438A38A (For the awesome game platform)
Wohlstand (For the awesome sound engine, I can use it to play NSFs)
BGM Maker
GFX Maker

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HengShao M
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Good citizen
HengShao M
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Good citizen
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Post #2by HengShao » 8 Aug 2017, 16:32

Wow! It looks so interesting!
I will play it if I finish my project......
2333~ #(滑稽)
An interesting SMBX 1.4.4 CHINESE episode:

If you're interested in the project above,or just want to discuss SMBX,welcome to the Hel Studio Discord Server~ :

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