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SMBX 1.4.4 Drooling for Red Coins in the Dog Bone Yard

Posted: 1 Jun 2018, 0:16
by Bulletbill510
Here is a really hard 8 red coin level I made where you have to collect 8 red coins to reveal a star at the end of the stage.
Note: From now on, I will be inserting polls on the levels that I upload so people who have played them can vote how difficult it was on a scale of 1 to 10.

Posted: 1 Jun 2018, 2:27
by Hackplayer7
Here are a few nitpicks :

-The dog drool thing is more misleading than necessary. It caused me to jump right into it at the beginning of the level, thinking I would be safe, causing a cheap death. Unless it's supposed to somehow fit within the bone's theme, it's best if you just remove it all together.

-To be honest, the level isn't as difficult as you make it seem to be. Maybe I'm just an experienced SMBX player, but I know people way better than me.

- At the start of the level, there's a wall that you can walk into and reveal a secret passage. How am I supposed to know that? It looks like every other regular wall.

-The chain-chomps aren't really that much of a challenge. Since you start the stage with a hammer suit, you can just kill all of them before they even have a chance to attack you.

Speaking of chain-chomps...

The red coin in the clouds.

How in the world is anyone even supposed to know how to reach that coin? I had to scroll in the editor just to even know about it's existence! The only way to reach it is by hitting a randomly placed invisible block. I'm sorry if I sound rude, but that is not good design. At all. I think you should just find another way to reach that coin.

Overall : The problem with this level is the lack of real challenge. It's not hard, it's cheap. Putting enemies everywhere doesn't make it harder, since you can just kill them in barely seconds.

If you wish to keep this level design, however, here are some tips to make it more tolerable :

-Make the player aware that they can't swim in the ''water'' as soon as the level starts.

-Either don't give the player an OP item right away or change the enemy placement so they can't be killed as soon as they spawn.

-Why not replace the invisible block leading to the red coin above with a wall-jumping challenge? It would definitely be better.

Otherwise, that's all I have to say.