SMBX 1.4.3 Custom Level (HRJP) - Beachbowl Burnout

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Post #1by HumanReploidJP » 11 Feb 2017, 16:32


Hello there! I'm back with a brand new level that's gonna shower you under the sun when Summer Comes! It's A SUMMER VACATION but Summer awaits!
It's called "Beachbowl Burnout" and why not try it out!

Also I made a script when Mario dies, a text "Too Bad!" will appear.
And if Mario passes the goal, a "Course Clear!" will appear also.

And also the NPC similar to the Angry Sun(SMB3), called Sunbowsher (lit., Showering Bow Sun), which will spit out fireballs that'll burn you to cinders, so BE CAREFUL!

which kinda reminds me of that when I watch Super Mario 3D World.

phpBB [youtube]

Original link:


Download this level!:
And by the way, this is a level made By HumanReploidJP and credits are above, thanks to them a lot.

HRJP is an acronym for the name of HumanReploidJP.

See you next season/holiday/level and Stay Awesome! :dance: :dance1: :good:
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Post #2by flagpolethreeup » 12 Feb 2017, 22:39

This Looks Awesome! :clapping:
So much detail went into this, form the HUD and the Background to the Text at the end of the level!
Saying just good Job might be even to low for this.

Excellent Work! :good:
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