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[ Authorized reprint ]
This is a story about friendship and redemption...
This level is full of things that touch the softest place in our hearts. It is just like an interactive film - with lifelike characters, a feeling of uniqueness is what it bring us.
The level created by Force_Viceroy, which is submitted to Island of Drank, a level contest held in Chinese SMBX community to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Baidu SMBX Bar, will impress you with moving plots and realistic lighting effects.

[ Download link ]

[ About how to start this level ]
Just run the file "BREEZE.BAT" √

[ Speedart ( creating - recording ) ]

[ About Island of Drank ]
2333~ #(滑稽)
An interesting SMBX 1.4.4 CHINESE episode:

If you're interested in the project above,or just want to discuss SMBX,welcome to the Hel Studio Discord Server~ :

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