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Hello anybody!

Posted: 11 Aug 2017, 6:39
by Mononobe no Futo
Drank! My name is Mononobe no Futo(物部布都).Yes, I'm Japanese in China.But my English is so bad, so there may be many mistakes.
I'm a member of Hel Studio. And I am a new member of this place.
I love Touhou project and I love SMBX.Who has the same interests as me?
In fact,I have heard here of my friend(Slash chen and Yave yu). Maybe I'll try using PGE, but I'm using SMBX1.4.4 right now. So? I believe both are great.
Enough talk, I'm making it my frist SMBX map.I hope everyone will pay more attention to me in the future, thank you.
Nothing is ture, anything is permit... :lol:

Posted: 11 Aug 2017, 6:45
by HengShao
Hello~Welcome !
And don't forget me...... #(Funny Face)

Posted: 11 Aug 2017, 6:47
by Yave Yu
Welcome here!
Yes, I usually visit this forum, but send topic or post seldomly.

Posted: 11 Aug 2017, 14:35
by Elf of H & L