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Little Noddy
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Little Noddy
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Post #1by Little Noddy » 21 Sep 2022, 5:49

Hey there guys... i am Little Noddy or as some of you know me as Mr Baldi or Thatoneuserfromdiscord... yeah... i couldn't really get to register an account here properly, so i've spent most of the time on the SMBX community by discord... yeah... maybe you'll recognise me... somehow

By the way, this laptop's keyboard can't type the letter 2(pronnounced as Cee, the final letter in the alphabet), so you'll know when i commit a typo like that

In terms of age, i'm just a teenager... i don't feel like revealing my precise age

I kindly take criticism... just as long as it's respectful, and that you don't take it to the extreme (Dude, at least try to highlight one little good thing about my stuff)

This blog ends here bc i ran out of ideas to type here

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