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Any unofficial but reliable documents, changelogs, screenshots are welcome.
You can freely edit this post or insert them to the archive.

Teascript-vb documentation: https://wohlsoft.ru/pgewiki/Category:TeaScript.vbs

Up to now, all bugs which reported in correct format have been fixed, you can continue to report bugs, they will be fixed in a while if you report them in correct format, there are lots of good examples can teach you how to report them in bug report forum.
Of course, you can ignore these rules and report them casually, or keep silence and waste your time on wait a 'perfect' version, I don't care that.

Anyway, I can fix a bug in a few minutes if you reported it correctly, much shorter than reply those wrong formatted posts, and I don't want to waste more time on reply. so, if I can't repeat the bug you reported, I will replace the Topic icon of your post to 'Green Question Mark', that means you need to upload more details(level files, scripts, videos, images etc) if you really want to the fix it, after enough details are added, the Topic icon will be reset. If I think what you reported IS NOT a bug, the Topic icon will be replace by 'Blue Infomation Mark', you can also upload more details(to show how it works in previous version) if you still have question.

The online video/image hosting sites in the following list(Incomplete, but appeared in bug report forum) are inaccessible in my region, you'd better consider this before report bug:
Online video: Youtube, Dailymotion
Image hosting: Imgur, Discord CDN, Dropbox, Postimg.cc
Cloud drive: Google driver, Dropbox, Yandex


Full game package
Mirror 1 (WohlSoft)
Mirror 2 (Yandex-Disk at Wohlstand)
Mirror 3 (Yandex-Disk at 5438A38A)

Tip: To unpack 7z archives is suggested to use the 7-Zip archiver.
Be careful! Some antiviruses may detect "smbx.exe" as a "heruristic/generic trojan". It's a false positive caused by heruristic scanners of antiviruses. If you got an antivirus report like "HEUR", "Generic", don't worry, it's one of possible false positives caused by a heruristic scanner. If you getting alarm of your antivirus, feel free to send the smbx.exe to your antivirus software vendor as a false positive to let them verify it and make an update that will fix this false positive. Avast Antivirus also gives "DREP" alert which means "Unknown reputation". It's paranoia regarded to rare files. It should go away after ~10+ downloads on various devices.

Small update packs

** To use these files, you MUST download a full game package first. **
Fix version(EXE Only):
The version number will appear in the bottom of splash screen from patch 6, you can check it to see whether you are using real patch x, since some anti-virus softwares may stop you to patch files.
Patch 31.1:
* Mirror 2 (Wohlsoft)
* Yandex.disk has been blocked in my region*
(2.56 MiB) Downloaded 14234 times
password: smbx38a

Patch 31.1 only fix this bug

Manual: How to install the game on Windows
  • Open Windows Security (in settings) and go to "Virus & Threat Protection"
  • Scroll down to "Virus and Threat Protection Settings"
  • Turn off "Real-Time Protection" (you can turn it back on after you’re done)
  • Extract SMBX-38A 1.4.5
  • Click "Add an Exclusion"
  • Select "Folder"
  • Find and select SMBX-38A 1.4.5

And that's it!

Don't forget to re-enable Windows Security!

Written by Sonya Sanchez

Most fresh SDL-Mixer-X sound library:
* Latest build
(Get this to apply bug-fixes related to sound/music processing or get support for some new features like MIDI/MOD/GME tempo factor, and also the gain factor: from this archive you need the SDL2MixerVB.dll file only)

Super Mario Bros. X 1.4.4 (Outdated)
Engine Updates
  • The editor got a UI revamp, no longer attempting to fit into the legacy SMBX 1.3 style.
  • Updated the script engine.

  • You can now attach wings to blocks. The movement pattern of blocks varies according to the type of wings.
    • If you want to let a large chunk of blocks move together, make big (in size) blocks using the custom blocks function and place them, instead of placing a bunch of small blocks.
  • Added some new customable properties to blocks.
  • Custom blocks that applies to the world map is now supported.
  • Supersized (HUGE) platforms are supported again.
  • Added OnScreen event for blocks that triggers every frame as long as the block is on the screen. (Overusing this event is not advised)
  • Built-in events for blocks can be configured to run scripts directly and some of the events has now more parameters that can be acquired by scripts.

  • Custom background objects that applies to the world map is now supported.

  • You can now attach wings to NPCs. The movement pattern of NPCs varies according to the type of wings.
  • The actual size of NPC-56 (Clown Car) can now be changed according to the custom NPC settings.
  • There are more NPCs that can be shot by Fire Piranha Plants, and NPC-52 can now shoot NPCs.
  • NPC-42 (Eerie) can now move vertically.
  • Bullet Bills can now be configured to chase players.
  • Added some new custom NPC options.
  • Big NPCs can no longer directly have parachutes attached on them or be put into bubbles, as this feature is commonly reported as a bug.
  • Built-in events for NPCs can be configured to run scripts directly and some of the events has now more parameters that can be acquired by scripts.

  • Added transition effects for door type and pipe type (in the same section only) warps.
  • Built-in events for warps can be configured to run scripts directly and some of the events has now more parameters that can be acquired by scripts.

  • Added several new types of liquids.
  • Added some new options to the force direction of liquid force fields.

Event and Layer
  • Added a new special event: Screen Shake.
  • Added a new special event: Pause at Status Change: Any objects stop moving when the status of characters is changing.

  • Custom effects that applies to the world map is now supported.
  • You can now fully customize the object selection windows. NPCs, blocks and other objects of different types can now be put in a single window.
  • The level editing window can now be resized. This only affects the editing process.
  • Changed the UI style of the editor and the editor interface got an overhaul.
  • The auto paint tool is now fully customizable and supports more objects. Objects with GFX expansions now works well with this tool.
  • Section boundaries is now recognized by the auto paint tool as blocks to attach.
  • More image formats are now supported by the level image exporting function.
  • You can now apply sound effect customizations to levels individually.
  • The special BGM of P-switches, Stop Watches, Super Stars and Mega Mushrooms can now be customized.
  • The values of global variables can now be changed in the variable window when testing a level.
  • Improved the script editor, added some keyword hints.
  • Reworked the object swapping tool. You can set multiple swap results and even probabilities of each.
  • Reworked the level boundary tool and merged the Reset Camera menu item with this.
  • Reworked the object counter in Debugger. You can now customize the types of objects to be counted.
  • Auto paint mode now works well with flip tools.
  • Selection tools now works in world map editing mode.
  • Added pop-up selection boxes for convenient selection when inputting or finding IDs of objects.
  • Added pop-up selection boxes when a certain file name needs to be inputted.
  • The reserved items will no longer always drop from the middle of the screen when custom HUD configurations are active, the drop position is determined automatically.
  • Removed the music test feature in World Editor. This feature is moved and merged to Music Manager. You can change the paths of default music files and the music that plays when editing levels.
    • If a custom background music is playing when editing levels, the music will not stop even if the game window lost focus.
  • Replaced language files with Editor Language Configuration Tool, where all strings that you see in the editor will be automatically listed, and you can translate them into other languages.
    • Most changes will be applied after restarting the editor, and some changes will take effect instantly. Besides, you can export your translations as files to share with others.
    • Only loaded strings will be recorded, and newly found strings will be appended to the string list. Therefore, opening (and closing) all windows in the editor is suggested before you translate.
    • Every translated string will have an generated unique ID associated. When the game updates, outdated translated strings will not be loaded and unchanged strings will work as usual.
  • Added Recent Levels so you can open recently opened levels conveniently.
  • Changing sections and pressing 'Esc' key to stop level testing no longer resets the editor camera.
  • Added Preference Settings to the editor. The editor can now memorize some preferences of users, but this will make the editor take more time (a few seconds) to launch for the first time.
  • Added Default Graphics Editing Tools for configuring object customization interfaces.
  • Global string variables are stored in the save file, the same as global value variables.
  • The main game now supports "windowed fullscreen" mode.
  • Slightly adjusted the physics.
  • Levels that have scripts with compile errors can no longer be loaded in the main game, but are still playable in the editor by disabling the scripts with problems.

  • Fixed the bug that Goal Poles do not work with world maps.
  • Fixed the bug that some resource files can not be properly loaded under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the bug that some custom configurations on Effects are not working in some situations.
  • Fixed the bug that the option to disable the intro animation when warping between levels is not working.
  • Fixed some more bugs that have ever existed for a long time.


Mirror 1 (WohlSoft.ru)
Mirror 2 (Yandex-Disk)
Mirror 3 (MEGA)(Patch-2)

Fix version(EXE Only):
Patch 2:https://mega.nz/#!W9s2BBCS!m2EnSAwK1fbVbS7q_ve61kZn5eIKrV_tPgg-wQjTCe4
Super Mario Bros. X 1.4.3 (Outdated)

Engine Updates
  • Added the GFX expansion feature. A single object in the game can now have up to 65536 different GFXs. Tiles, scenes, paths, levels, blocks, backgrounds, NPCs and effects are all supported.
    • From now on, there won't be any objects with the same function but different GFXs (like re-colored versions of a block) in a new update. You can manually add them using this feature.
    • Objects with this feature enabled will show a GFX-selection window in the editor when selected. Click on the icons in the window to make your choice.
    • You can drag the window to a proper place or double-click its status bar to minimize it if you find it disturbing.
  • Updated the script engine.

  • Added slope platforms and oneway gates. Enable them in Custom Blocks.
  • You can now set different physics for players and NPCs.
  • Adjusted the physics of slopes.
  • You can now customize the graphics and physics of blocks. Added the Custom-Block Editor with a GUI, Right-click the icon of the object to open the customization window.
  • You can now stretch the graphics of a single block in the level.
  • Added the 'name' property for blocks.
  • Added advanced settings for the contents of blocks. Right-click the content picture to reveal them.

  • Added the Custom-NPC Editor with a GUI, Right-click the icon of the object to open the customization window.
  • The GFX expansion feature for NPCs is disabled by default and you can enable it in the Custom-NPC Editor.
  • Added some new Custom NPC codes.
  • Added the 'name' property for NPCs.
  • You can now arm your NPCs with parachutes (SMW). Warning! Attaching parachutes to large-sized NPCs is highly disapproved.
  • Added Baby Yoshies (SMW) and polished them. You can now enable / disable their overpowered abilities in the Advanced NPC Settings panel.
  • Added the Flag Pole (SMB) and the corresponding Level Exit settings in world maps.
  • Added Micro Goombas (SMB3).
  • Added Magikoopas (SMW).
  • Added an option in the Advanced NPC Settings panel for Nipper Plants to turn them to Fire Nipper Plants.
  • Add an option for Piranha Plants to turn them to Ice Piranha Plants.
  • Add an option for Fire Bros to turn them to Ice Bros. You'll use the GFX expansion feature to set their GFXs, though.
  • Add options to modify the explosion range and count down time for SMB2 bombs.

  • Added two-way warps.
  • Added pipe cannons that fires players out. You can set the projection range.

  • You can now customize the properties of backgrounds. Right-click the icon of the object to open the customization window.

  • You can now customize the properties of tiles, scenes and levels. Right-click the icon of the object to open the customization window.
  • Added Game Over Level settings.

  • Added the wall jump system. You can enable it in special events.
  • Added SMB3 power-up system. You can enable it in special events.
  • You can now add Yoshi eggs to the world map inventory.
  • You can now customize the properties of effects. Find the panel in the Advanced Level Settings.
  • Made the tools in the editor more accurate when drawing lines and rectangles.
  • Added a debug window for to show the debug information outputted by scripts.
  • With light system enabled, the lighted area of players now shrink when they die instead of disappearing instantly.
  • Added a quick way to select the contents of blocks. Left-click the picture box.
  • You can now select objects. Switch the edit mode to 'Selection' and use Rectangle, Line or Circle tools and then you can drag-drop objects.
  • Adjusted the limit of triggering times in a single frame for several Autorun events.
  • Added triggering parameters for Autorun events.
  • You can now make your levels(not episodes) read-only, which means that they can still be opened and played but no longer modified.
    • You can set multiple permissions for the level, like permissions to cheat, view scripts, observe the level and so on.
    • The process will encrypt the graphic files and text files but not the music files.
    • A 256-byte key will be generated right after the encryption. You can use the key to decrypt the level.
    • You can specify a full access key and anyone who has it will grant the permission to view all contents of the level.
  • *Added inter-process communication features based on memory mapping for developers. After opening a level using command lines, developers can now use specific methods to tell the game to perform special tasks.
  • *Added 'something interesting' to the editor

  • Fixed the bug in the script engine that may lead to illegal memory access.
  • Fixed the bug in the script engine that may cause 'subscript out of range' crashes when there are syntax errors in a script.
  • Fixed the bug in the script engine associated with the system language that may cause 'subscript out of range' crashes.
  • Fixed errors with the auto paint tool when you place slopes.
  • Fixed the bug preventing the auto-save function.
  • Fixed the bug that level names in packed maps become case-sensitive, also removed automation errors occurring when packing certain maps.
  • Slightly adjusted and optimized the game's physics.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs that have ever existed for a long time.


Mirror 1 (Wohlsoft.ru)
Mirror 2 (Yandex.Disk)
Mirror 3 (MEGA)

About bug reporting
Generally, the bugs will be fixed if you properly reported them and they can be reproduced, if the "bug" you reported hasn't been fixed, that may be because:
  • You didn't report them properly. You should report a bug with instructions, pictures or videos explaining how to trigger it, and more detailed instructions are preferred if the triggering process is complex. If a bug is always happening in a specific level, you should upload the level file when reporting.
  • What you reported is not a bug. You found some features didn't work ONLY in your level but works fine in other level, why do you think this is a bug?
  • You found a feature differ from what you expect, and it has no help to your episode, so you think this is a "bug", why do you think so?
  • You reported too many bugs and I forget to fix some of them.
If you insist on reporting bugs in your own way(didn't report them properly), your report will be ignored.
Super Mario Bros. X 1.4.2 (Outdated)

Engine Updates
-Updated DirectX8 to DirectX9.
-Replaced Gdiplus with Freeimage, so MSCOMCTL.OCX is no longer needed, and the game requires NO dlls to register.
-Replaced Fmodex with SDL2 Mixer.
-Greatly improved performance.
-Layers and events are supported for world maps now.
-Updated the script engine.

-Upgraded 'Music Components' in world maps to 'Area Components', enabling more functions.
-You can now set the boundary of the world map, sailing areas, item-triggered areas and so on.
-Area sizes are customable.
-Upgraded 'Level Components', introducing random movements of levels.
-You can set the path and the destinations, and the level will move randomly between destinations.
-Added events for level entrance and exit.
-Added 'one-time-use' levels.
-Added other miscellaneous settings.
-Add paths toggling the ability of passing every turn.
-The number of star coins are now shown on the world map.
-Added events for world maps, with events, you can:
-Toggle the state of showing of the layers.
-Move the layers around, multiple moving patterns are supported.
-Make the events auto-executable with condition settings.
-Messages on world maps are now supported.
-Use sys(starcoincount) in expressions to get the star coin count.
-3 new items for world maps are added: Music Box, Anchor and Warp Whistle.

-Added balancing lifts (SMB).
-Added all-direction flamethrowers (SMB3).
-Added Foo (NSMBWii).
-Added Springboard (SMM, in SMW style)
-Added a new Custom NPC Code.
-zposition:A float number, determining the showing order of the NPC, ranges from 0 to 1.Set this to 0 will make the NPC shown in the foreground and 1 to make it shown in the background.

-Added a new warp style: zero-delay warp(Loop).
-Some types of the warps have the ability to resize now.
-Added warps only available for mini characters.

-Added the support of custom sound effects affecting the whole world map.

-Added an 'eraser' air fluid erasing all physic effects of other overlapping fluids.

Bug fixes
-Many bugs that were not supposed to occur are fixed.


Mirror 1: https://smbx38a.wohlsoft.ru/old/smbx38a-1-4-2.7z
Mirror 2: https://yadi.sk/d/ExuViITfpF2WV

About Scripts
Here are some script examples, you can download and learn how to use teascript.

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Post #1001by SStar » 24 Dec 2021, 13:59

Chanceux2 wrote:Could be useful but it isn't the source code. I wish 5438A38A could just post the source code so we can all polish the game.
That will be a think. :)
Hi! :)

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Are news here? Also 1001st reply :)
Hi! :)

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I think nope :T....
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lel, is a fake link

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SStar wrote:Are news here? Also 1001st reply :)

I don't think we will get news, It's been a bit more than a year when 38A was online.

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Hi! :)

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Avast blocks all 3 download mirrors. Win32MalwareGen.

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Alucard wrote:Win32MalwareGen.

GENEric - heuristic false positive :doge:

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